Yummy and Delectable Wedding Favors

December 8th, 201011:57 am


Yummy and Delectable Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to tell the people in attendance at your wedding that you love, care, and appreciate them.  Some of the best wedding favors that you can give are those that your guests can savor and that you can tickle their sweet tooth with.  Edible favors not only can be presented in a way that looks sophisticated and ornate, but anyone, from the young to the very old, will always appreciate it.

Here are some of the best of the delicious and edible wedding favors that you may want to consider having:

Chocolate Bars

Who doesn’t like a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bar?  You can contact a number of wedding favor companies and even have the wrapper of the chocolate bars customized so that it is truly a reflection of you all on your wedding day.

You can also choose from different types of chocolates, such as white, milk or dark chocolate, and you can choose to have different nuts and other things added to the chocolate as well.


What guest wouldn’t like to come home with a bottle of wine from your big day?  Better yet, you can make your own wine a year prior to the wedding, and give your guests your own personalized mix.

This will prove to be an issue for any children or those who are underage in attendance, so make sure that you do have other favors set aside for those who are too young to enjoy wine.

Saltwater Taffy

For those having a wedding by the seaside, saltwater taffy is a great complimentary treat to offer your guests.  Saltwater taffy candies also come in a variety of different bright, fun colors, which will add all the more to the cheery and upbeat atmosphere of your wedding

TIP:  To make it extra special, you can wrap up the saltwater taffy in different colored cellophane bags and then add a stick with your wedding monogram to the front.  It’s an inexpensive way to really set the theme and tone for your wedding!

Coffee Beans

If you have a lot of guest in attendance that love to pay regular visits to the local coffee shop, then they will be sure to absolutely love having chocolate covered coffee beans at your wedding!  You can buy the beans yourself and package them in theme-inspired bags and boxes, or you can request that a wedding favor provider take care of these details for you.

Jams and Honey

For those of you who are throwing a more down-to-earth and rustic wedding, why not send your guests home with something natural and just a bit sweet?  Different jams and delicious honey will be well appreciated by all in attendance.

Hometown Treats

Is your hometown renowned for making a certain type of treat?  Maple syrup, special cookies and pastries, or candies from the best candy shop in town are all great ideas to not only show your guests where you are from, but to also support a local vendor.

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