Your Wedding Music: What to Choose?

December 7th, 20107:19 pm


Your Wedding Music: What to Choose?

One of the hardest things that a bride and groom will have to decide for their wedding day is just what kind of music they are going to play. A lot of the older crowd will have a certain expectation about what is going to be played, whereas the younger crowd will have an entirely different expectation all together.

Music is an important part to any wedding.  It helps set the mood and the tone of the wedding, and it also helps both you and the groom express yourself and truly personalize both the wedding ceremony and the reception.  But what sort of music do you want played, and when?

During the Ceremony

During the ceremony, having music played that is special to both you and you and groom and that is has an emotional connection will be a winner.  Remember, this is the time in which you and your groom will be joining forces for the long term, so your family and friends will already be quite emotional as a result. Play it up and play special songs that both you and your groom enjoy rather than those more “traditional” songs that are often played (unless those suit both you and your groom’s tastes and personality).

During the Reception

If you are like most brides and grooms and are planning on having a dance during the reception, you will definitely need to have some music all set up and prepared for the wedding.  Though your DJ may have some suggestions, definitely do not allow the DJ to choose every song that is going to be played; otherwise both you and your guests may e left disappointed.

TIP:  When you sent our invitations to your wedding, why not include a “music request” area so that your guests can request a song?  That way, they will feel very much included in the whole wedding planning process and they will go absolutely crazy with joy when the song they requested comes on!

The Other Music Options

Prior to the wedding ceremony, it is customary to have music playing while people are mingling and are finding their seats.  You can choose to either have the classical, soft music to greet your guests, or you can choose some upbeat music that is more modern and that reflects both you and the groom well.

You may also opt to have music be played immediately after both you and your husband-to-be say your “I do’s”.  Have a few song choices picked out and decide on your final one on your special day.  You’ll know the right tune to choose!

A lot of brides and grooms also choose to have music being played as they walk down the aisle, and as they walk back up the aisle at the end of the ceremony.  This doesn’t just magically happen; you will need to assign someone to play the music, unless the ceremony venue already provides someone who can offer this service.  Think about “hiring” a good cousin or friend to take on this task for your wedding day.

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