Your Quick Wedding Checklist

December 7th, 20107:13 pm


Your Quick Wedding Checklist

When trying to plan a wedding, the number one thing that you need to have on hand so that you can plan the wedding is a checklist telling you exactly what you need to do.  Here are some of the main “items” and details that you need to have checked off of your list before the day.

NOTE:  No time frames are given here, though a general rule is that the wedding location and date should be set about nine months to one year beforehand.

The Wedding Ceremony

  • Look into and book the ceremony venue
  • Research and book the minister or justice of the peace who you would like to be the officiate over your wedding day
  • Book and plan the wedding ceremony rehearsal with everyone in the wedding party
  • Pick out any additional decorations and think about where you would like them to be placed
  • Choose and order the wedding rings well in advance so they are there at least 4 weeks prior to your big day (this allows time for any sizing changes to be made)
  • Think about and decide on whether or not you will have a receiving line
  • Write your wedding vows

The Wedding Reception

ü  Research and visit several wedding reception sites of interest, and then book your favorite.  Make sure that you read over the entire contract and cover all terms of the agreement, including payment, timelines, and what services they provide.  See if they do cleanup services as well and what time you will need to end your wedding reception at.

  • Plan the cocktails and appetizers for the reception
  • Choose a special dinner menu as well as beverages (including alcoholic, which may require a liquor license)
  • See if any audio/visual equipment is available, such as a microphone and a PA system, stereo or a projector
  • Decide on your seating plan and stick with it
  • Print out menus and seating charts for your guests
  • Plan out any table decorations and order them prior to your wedding day
  • Order your wedding cake at least 6 weeks in advance (preferably 3-6 months in advance) and ask if they can store and deliver the cake for you, and at what costs
  • Decide “who is doing what” at your wedding – delegate responsibilities evenly to your wedding party for your special day
  • Think about who will be saying speeches at your wedding and make loose agreements on what time they will be able to toast (or roast) the bride and groom
  • Practice your own speeches

The Other Details

Some of the other details you will have to cover include details that involve the flowers (what flowers and in what quantity?), clothing and accessories (wedding dress, alterations of both you and your bridesmaid dresses), different services (such as hair appointments and make-up appointments) and different gifts you will give to your wedding party.  Oh yes, and don’t forget the bridal registry!

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