Win Free Stuff By Entering Wedding Competitions

April 30th, 201010:06 am


Win Free Stuff By Entering Wedding Competitions

Whether your interested in wedding competitions to possibly offset wedding costs, or you think your wedding will be the best ever…there are a lot of ways you can get you and your spouse entered in this growing trend. Furthermore, there is a lot of bragging rights that come along with winning a wedding competition. If you’re not the shy type, have your wedding photos spread around in magazines, websites, and other promotional setups.

Already there may be some of you reading this and thinking that entering wedding competitions may somehow take away from your special day. Why though? People enter their babies in “Cutest Baby” contests and such–that doesn’t mean they love their baby any less right? Aside from the bragging rights, many contest holders will give you many prizes; both financial or gifts. This makes entering these contests very lucrative, and extremely competitive.

Take a look at a few points to keep in mind that you can get in before your wedding day.

* You have to enter the competitions. Seriously, you can only win wedding competitions if you enter them. Get your contest entry mentality ready, warm up your PC, start searching, and get ready. If you give the slightest little bit of effort, and have any amount of persistence, you may find yourself celebrating a little more than a wonderful union to your significant other.

* Take a look at popular websites that offer wedding competitions. They will no doubt have many contests running for your big day. Many of these sites will offer you a wedding shopping spree, bridal outfits (big $ savings.), paid honeymoons, weddings in exotic locations (E.g. Hawaii), gift packages, free invitations, flower arrangements, and so much more it’s impossible to list them all.

* Don’t be so desperate to get entered that you forget your common sense when entering wedding competitions, just as you will find in any area of life–there are scams that involve spending money to enter–only to later realize the bad guys have taken off with your money. This is by no means something that happens as often as insurance scams and such: But you still want to be careful.

* With the last point in mind: There are wedding competitions offered in every major city, and many small town locations. Keeping things local, means you won’t have to travel far to inquire about winnings. Bridal shops, boutiques, flower shops, etc…all have access to, and promote these wedding competitions all the time.

* Enter each contest multiple times. If the rules allow; enter more than once and you might find your chances are doubled and tripled to win. Don’t be fooled, many contests don’t allow more than one entry, but many wedding competitions don’t specify such rules and often encourage multiple entries.

* Make sure to read the competition rules. You want to know how many times your permitted to enter, and also want to know what is necessary from you. E.g. the contest holders may want a regular photo of you and your spouse for approval, they may ask for an email address to send approval to, etc. Don’t blindly start filling out applications for these contests, just to realize an oversight killed your chances.

Best of luck to you all. Join the growing trend and win yourself some free stuff on your wedding day.

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