Who is going to Give me Away?

December 8th, 201011:20 am


Who is going to Give me Away?

Weddings are a wonderful time where families reunite to celebrate the joining of a couple.  We all have visions of our perfect wedding day, most of which, at least for the bride, involves her being given away by her father.  In this day in age, there are many reasons why a father may not be there on that day to perform this special and privileged duty, such as death or estrangement.  All because your father may not be able to be present to give you away, this doesn’t mean that you have to become upset or forego that tradition in the ceremony.  Make your own tradition.

Honor your Father

If your father has died recently, an idea to honor him as you walk down the aisle is to set up a projector on the church or the hall.  Once you become to walk down the aisle, the projector will then display different slides of your father throughout his life.  Your guests will then be able to “see” your father with you, and you will also be commemorating the memory of a life you have loved and miss.

What About your Mom?

So your dad can’t be there. What about your mother?  Mom’s often simply walk down the aisle and sit in a pew or a chair, waiting for the wedding to start.  Chances are that your mother has played just as big of a role in your development as your father.  More and more brides who have estranged fathers, or those who have passed, are choosing to use their mothers to give them away.  What could be more fitting when we have actually come from our mothers in the first place?

Your Friends

Here’s an alternative idea: rather than sending each of the bridesmaids down with a groomsmen, you can have each of the bridesmaids link arms with yours and you can walk down together.  Similarly, the groom can walk down the aisle with his groomsmen by his side as well (not necessarily with their arms linked). Our friends are often are greatest allies, so having them by our side is a great way to say “goodbye” to the single life we once knew and to introduce us to our new life, living as a married couple.

Your Pet

Pets are becoming a huge part of weddings these days, which is understandable given just how much we love our furry friends.  If a bride loves her pet so and doesn’t have a father to give her away, then consider putting a leash on your best friend and walking them down the aisle with you.  Once you make it to the front, you can then hand your pooch’s leash to a designated person in the front row, or you can even keep them with you throughout the entire ceremony.

TIP:  Prior to the wedding day, make sure you train your dog appropriately so that he will walk down the aisle with you and so that he will not be disturbed by having so many people around.

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