Where to Buy your Wedding Dress

November 28th, 20102:58 pm


Where to Buy your Wedding Dress

If you are currently going through the steps of planning your marriage, you have undoubtedly begun brainstorming about just what kind of dress you would like to be wearing.  You have bought a bridal magazine (or ten) and have checked out the many different styles that are out there.  You love them all, but you aren’t entirely sure where you want to buy your dress from.

A Bridal Boutique

A bridal boutique will surely be able to offer you the hottest, trendiest dresses that are out there. This also means that for a bride with a lower price point, getting a dress from a bridal boutique may not be the most economical choice.  This doesn’t mean that brides on a budget can’t go and visit a bridal boutique to seek out their dream gown.  As a matter of fact, trying on these dresses will give you a good idea of what will work on your body and what you’re interested in since they often have a wide range of different dresses available.

Custom Made Dresses

Some brides with a great imagination will be able to custom design their very own dress.  You can find seamstresses in your area who will be more than happy to put together your unique vision and they will be able to tailor it right to your exact body shape a they’re sewing it.  Custom made bridal dresses can also cost less than if you were to buy a dress from a bridal boutique.

Imitation Brand Name Dresses

If you want a stylish gown that you saw in an expensive bridal boutique for cheap, check out some online options for “copied” wedding dresses that can be made for you.  These dresses are usually shipped from Asian countries, but their quality is almost as good as the higher end and pricier originals.  If the dress doesn’t fit right, you can still visit a local tailor and have it properly fitted to your body as well.

Online Auctions

A lot of auction sites online sell both new and used wedding dresses. This is definitely where you can get a real bargain, particularly if you’re not all too picky about not having the latest styles.  If you can settle with a gorgeous dress from 2, 3 or 5 years ago, you will be able to treat yourself to a stunning gown for only a fraction of the cost.

Second Hand Stores

There are some second hand stores that specialize in selling just used bridal gowns, though even your run of the mill second hand store down the street may have a gown or two as well.  Though these are not always the newest or best quality dresses, if you are a vintage bride and you want something a little different and unique, then this is a great avenue to go down.

So don’t just limit your options to the bridal boutique you visited.  Check out all of the options you’re interested in so that you can be sure that you made the best choice of wedding dress possible.

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