What you Didn’t Know to Ask about your Wedding Day

December 8th, 201011:04 am


What you Didn’t Know to Ask about your Wedding Day

Just when you thought that you had read every magazine, every website, and asked every question imaginable about your wedding day, other questions will come creeping up on you, often right before your wedding day.  Here are some of the top “I didn’t know” wedding-related questions and answers.

How do we Kiss at the Ceremony?

One of the things that brides and grooms become most nervous about on their day is how they should kiss while in front of loads of people.  Should it be a kiss?  Should it last five seconds?  Ten?  Should there be tongue?

The kiss that a bride and groom share for the first time as a wedded couple shouldn’t be as prudish as a peck, but it shouldn’t be a full on  make-out session either.  If you do include any tongue, make sure that it isn’t visible to your other guests, and make sure it doesn’t last longer than 5 seconds.

When should a Bride Remove her Veil?

Some brides do choose to wear their veils during the entire wedding, but a lot of brides find that they get in the way o become just too troublesome to keep in.  So when can you remove it?

You can opt to remove the veil after the ceremony (ask your hair stylist or bridesmaid to help so that you do not ruin your beautiful hair style) or you can choose to remove it right after the first dance.

Do I Wear y Engagement Ring during the Ceremony?

Typically, no.  Your left-hand ring finger should be free of any rings.  You can either choose to wear the engagement ring on your right hand, or ask a trusted family member to hold it for you.

NOTE:  In some cultures, it is perfectly acceptable to wear the engagement ring during the wedding.  This is particularly true in Jewish wedding ceremonies.

Can I Take Off my Shoes to Dance?

After a long day of standing around and walking every where, any bride will be dying to take off her shoes, even if they are only 1 inch high.  No matter how tempting it may be to take off your shoes and break loose on the dance floor, and regardless of the fact your dress may be so long that it will conceal your feet, you should always have shoes on your feet.  If you are worried about becoming uncomfortable, then bring along a pair of flat shoes to wear while you dance the night away.

Do People need to Hold my Dress while I Pee?

We have all heard the jokes about a bride needing to have a few of her bridesmaids go to the washroom with her to hold her dress, but for many brides this is a necessary task that bridesmaids must undertake.  Depending on the size of your dress, you may very well need a bridesmaid (or two, or three) to help holdup the skirt portion of your dress while you relieve yourself.

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