What Winter Wedding Favor should I Have?

December 8th, 20107:11 am


What Winter Wedding Favor should I Have?

With the cold months right around the corner, if you are a winter bride, it’s time to start thinking about what winter wedding favors you would like to give to your guests.  Even if your wedding doesn’t have a winter theme attached to it, or if you are having a destination wedding in a hot place, it’s still a fun idea to provide some of those classic comforts that winter goodies provide.


Okay, so maybe this one isn’t so original.  Chocolates are definitely one of the most popular wedding favors out there.  You can really do a lot of creative things with chocolate however, such as have the favors shaped as snowmen, snow flakes, candy canes if you’re really feeling festive, or you can choose more winter-y flavors too.  Mint chocolates are always a fantastic choice.


Chestnuts are a winter-time staple. You can give these out in small little pouches, or for a real cute addition to your reception, you can hire on someone to actually warm up the chestnuts right in front of the guests.  Everyone in attendance will be absolutely thrilled!

Hot Chocolate

You don’t have to stick with just the plain old “hot chocolate” flavor, either, there are a whole lot of different hot chocolate flavor mixes out there that you can choose from.  A lot of wedding favor stores also offer to personalize the packets of hot chocolate for you so that it is really a special treat (oh yeah, and don’t forget the marshmallows!)

Gingerbread Cookies

Nothing says “winter time like a fresh gingerbread cookie.  You can provide the guests with a pre-packed gingerbread cookie, tied with a ribbon that matches your wedding color or colors.  You can also consider setting up a station where guests can actually design their own gingerbread man with frosting and different candies and sprinkles.

Ice Wine

For the more sophisticated bunch, giving mini ice wine bottles to your guests will certainly be a hit.  You can personalize the bottles for them to keep as a keepsake after the ice wine has been finished.  Make sure you include your name and wedding date!

Chocolate Covered Cranberries

A decadent treat that is also a bit easier on the bride and groom’s wallet.  If you are looking for a nice little treat for your guests to take home at the end of the night, consider cranberries covered in chocolate.  It’s a nice change from having just chocolate or nuts in chocolate.


A real way to draw one’s senses into a festive, holiday mood is to provide candles that have those warm, winter-themed scents.  You can choose from cedar, cinnamon, spiced sugar plum or orange tones.  You can affix your place cards to them as well so they double up as a place card holder.


Marmalade is a comfort food that also looks fantastic on wedding reception tables.  You can choose to buy the marmalade or to make it yourself.  You can pack it away into cute mini jars.  Make sure that you include a swatch of fabric overtop of each lid that are of your wedding colors, and tie a thin, pretty piece of ribbon or raffia around the end.  Add a note thanking your guests for being there too for a nice personal touch.

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