What Type of Meal should I Have for my Wedding Reception?

November 28th, 20102:13 pm


What Type of Meal should I Have for my Wedding Reception?

Weddings are a time of joy, celebration, and happiness.  But weddings are also a time of choices, headaches, and a whole lot of stress.  One of the most pressing questions that crosses the minds of all brides is just what sort of meal to have for their wedding.  There are a lot of different “meal” reception options out there, such as:

  • Buffet style
  • Sit down multi-course style
  • Cocktail hour style
  • Brunch style

We will go over why one of these different styles may suit your wedding better than the other.

Buffet Style

Some people have a big problem with buffet style wedding receptions.  It is thought of to be rather “tacky” by some to not have a multi-course meal served to them as they sit at the table, and some argue that feel embarrassed to go up for second or third helpings of food even if they didn’t take enough food the first time.

Flip the coin, and you will have people who absolutely love buffet weddings!  You aren’t forced to choose from one to three meals, and you can eat all you want!  Buffet weddings can be formal style, barbeque style, Asian cuisine – you name it, and you can have it as a buffet!

Multi-Course Meal

Having a three course, five course, or even ten course meal is arguably the most classy and elegant of the dinner options.  People who attend a sit-down dinner and are served food feel as if they are being treated like royalty, and they appreciate the fact that the bride and groom are treating them to such service.

The problem can be two things: budget, and whether the guests like your food choices.  Sit down meals tend to be more expensive than a buffet, despite them also having fewer food options.  Some guests, especially those with special dietary requirements that a bride and groom may not be aware of, may have difficulties eating your food, or they may refuse to eat it all together.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour receptions are becoming all the rage as everyone is trying to cut back on their wedding expenses.  Cocktail hour is a great way to save some money on your reception.  You can still have alcoholic beverages, and some light fare, but you aren’t actually providing a full meal for people after your wedding.  This is particularly a great option for anyone with a later evening wedding.  Just make sure that you advise all of your guests that you will not be serving dinner!  Otherwise you will have some hungry, grumpy guests.

Brunch Reception

This is somewhat the same as a cocktail hour reception, only it is earlier in the day.  This is often referred to as a “champagne” reception, as champagne is typically served along with the standard brunch fare: small sandwiches, cheeses, vegetables, and other snack foods.  Brunch is another great way to help cut back on the expenses of your wedding.  You can even purchase all of these foods yourself beforehand if the venue allows it to further cut back on costs.