What Transportation should I Use for my Wedding?

November 28th, 20102:05 pm


What Transportation should I Use for my Wedding?

For some couples, transportation isn’t such a big deal. They will arrive in their own car, or a simple limo – which is fine and all, but if you want to arrive to your wedding in style, then you have to start coming up with some different ideas.

Many brides and grooms also want to be sure that they provide the right kind of transportation for their family, close friends, and possibly the rest of their guests too.  Here are some of the bet choices for you, depending on the size of your wedding party


Nothing says “it’s a celebration!” than rolling up to the church or your wedding venue in a beautiful limo.  Though limos can accommodate different numbers of people, most of them generally seat 6 people (unless you choose a stretch limo, which can accommodate up to 12 people).

A lot of limos are “party” limos that have some extras, such as a mirror ball and flashing lights.  Some are also outfitted with alcohol (which you would need to pay for, of course) and others have fog machines and dance poles.

TIP There are new stretch SUV limos out there that are all the rage right now.  If that is what you are planning on having, then you better reserve one soon!

A bride and groom may want to have their wedding party ride along with them in the limo, but if you want a personalized space that it just for you both, skip the stretch limo and go for the smaller limo.

Town Cars

A town car is a great option for just a bride and groom.  You can both arrive as if you were movie stars.  What some couples also like to do is to rent subsequent town cars that then pull up behind their car before the wedding starts.  The whole wedding party will be in separate town cars of their own, and they can all arrive in style.

Classic Car

Classic cars are always a favorite amongst men.  Who wouldn’t want to pull up to their wedding in an old school mustang, Corvette or something even older?  These are a great option for the groom, the groomsmen, and any bride who loves cars.  If the bride isn’t all too fond of cars, then it may be pretty hard to sell her the idea of stepping out of one on her wedding day.

Horse and Carriage

For a more classic and romantic approach to arriving at your wedding, you may want to consider the old fashioned horse and carriage.  A carriage will typically carry only the bride and groom, but it definitely is a grand way to make an entrance.


Though it is rare for the bride and groom to step off of a trolley for their wedding, it isn’t unheard of.  Trolleys are also a more economical way of getting around.  A trolley can hold up to 35 passengers at a time, making it a top choice for anyone with a rather large wedding party.

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