What to Pack for your Destination Wedding

November 28th, 20101:58 pm


What to Pack for your Destination Wedding

So you have decided that you are having your wedding abroad. Fantastic!  Destination weddings can most definitely be one of the most memorable of them all, especially for your guests who get to come along for the ride.

When planning your destination wedding, it’s important to also consider just what you will need to bring along with you.  Not packing for your wedding will only lead to disaster later on, and will add stress to what will already be a somewhat stressful time.

Some things that you will need to bring with you are:

  • Your wedding dress
  • Any undergarments or special hosiery for that day
  • Shoes for your gown (and comfortable shoes for the rest of the trip!)
  • The guest book
  • The bride and groom’s wedding rings
  • The groom’s tux and shoes
  • An address book
  • Thank you cards (the flight home may be the most ideal time to write them out while the memories are still fresh)
  • Wedding music
  • Personalized decorations
  • Wedding favors

…and that’s not including what you will need for the remainder of your trip, such as shorts, pants, shoes, sun dresses, toiletries, and other basic necessities.  This includes your traveling documents, such as your passport, travel itinerary, and birth certificates.  If you were married before, have the divorce certificate handy.

When packing for your wedding, you will want to try and shove as many things into a suitcase as you can, apart from your wedding dress.  A bride should always make every effort possible to be able to fit that wedding dress in with her on the plane.  See what airline you’re taking and check out what can be considered a “carry on” item.  Most wedding dresses will apply, unless it is a larger or more “poofy” dress.  In that case, ask if you can put it on an in-flight closet where the stewards and stewardesses put their belongings.

Another thing to consider for the groom and groomsmen is ordering the tuxes at the location you are getting married at.  Of course, if you are getting married in some far off land, then there is a slim chance you will be able to find a tuxedo rental shop.  If you are in Vegas, however, you can save yourself the packing and pick up a tuxedo probably the very same day you’re getting married (though you should definitely pre-plan so you won’t be left without a tuxedo).

You may be thinking that you have to bring along a whole lot of hair accessories and makeup along with you to beautify yourself on your special day, but if you are staying in a resort of any kind they will have a salon that will be able to do your hair and makeup for you.  The best part is, if you are staying at that resort, you often will receive a discount or receive their services absolutely free!  If you haven’t yet booked a resort, make sure you ask about having this added on to your package as an incentive to stay there.