What Theme should my Wedding Be?

November 28th, 20101:39 pm


What Theme should my Wedding Be?

One of the first questions that any bride will be asked once she is engaged is, “What’s the theme of your wedding?”  If you have found yourself pulling out your hair or throwing your hands up in despair, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.  In fact, most brides have no real idea what the theme of their wedding is going to be when they first become engaged and several are reportedly dissatisfied with their choice once the wedding is over.  This makes it all the more important that you really sit down and think about how you want your wedding to appear, and how you want the general tone to be.

How to Begin Planning your Theme

Take your fiancé (yes, he is required in this process) and sit down with a pen and paper.  Start jotting down your and his ideas as to how you envision your wedding. What is your favorite color?  What is his?  Do you both want an indoor or an outdoor wedding, or perhaps even a mix of both?  When you picture your wedding, are people in formal attire or are they rather casually dressed?  What time of year did you want to be married at (not everyone needs to be married during spring and summer months!)  Coming up with any favorite songs you both have will also be useful later on when choosing the set list for your DJ or MP3 player.

Putting It Together

Take certain parts from what both of you like and envision, and put it together.  If your favorite color is silver and his is teal, then you can star thinking about icy colors and perhaps cold and “icy” times of the year, like December and January. This could be a great way to start planning just when you will be having your wedding!  You can also find quotes that relate to “ice” and “love”, and you can use the symbol of ice as the theme of your wedding.

Though that is just a general idea, it definitely is a great place to start planning.  You may also want to incorporate where you two first met, your first ate, an exciting trip or where you were proposed to into the theme to help tie it all in together.

Does a Wedding Theme Matter?

Yes and no. Oftentimes the guests will come out of the wedding and have absolutely no idea what your theme was – but they know they liked your wedding.  Why?  Because it was organized and well planned.  Having a theme allows for you to better organize the events of the day and plan it out so that it is a true reflection of both you and your “hubby-to-be”.  They will see that the wedding was actually a representation of you and your groom’s relationship, and they will love being a part of it.  So though no one may pick up on your “ice” theme, they certainly do appreciate the effort that was put into it and will tell you as such.

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