What Songs do I Choose for my Wedding Reception?

November 28th, 20101:34 pm


What Songs do I Choose for my Wedding Reception?

You definitely don’t want your wedding reception to be a snooze-fest, but you don’t want to offend any guests with your choice of music during the wedding reception either.  We have all heard the standard tracks that are played at a wedding, “YMCA” by the Village People topping the list of the most overplayed music tracks of all time.  But it’s still played time and time again.  Why?  Because it’s a song that everyone knows and that will get everyone moving.

The music that you play at your wedding ceremony should set the tone for the entire day.  If you are having a religious ceremony and the majority of attendees are religious, then the music should be chosen while taking that strongly into consideration.  Playing music in a church also has its own restrictions on what will be permissible and what won’t be.

If you are having your wedding in a non-denominational reception area, however, you can choose what ever music you want!  As brides and grooms choose more and more to have non-denominational weddings, this also means that their music selection grows exponentially, which in turn makes the job all the more difficult.

Do I Do a Big Band or a DJ?

There are a lot of options when it comes to music these days.  If you do choose to go with a big band, or to have a harpist, a guitarist, or any sort of live band and/or vocalist present, then what you choose for music may be restricted to what the band can and will play.

A DJ, on the other hand, will almost undoubtedly play any darn song you want to hear!

TIPIf you are thinking about having music in a church, take into account that most churches will not allow you to play recorded music (apart from a recorded musical accompaniment with a vocalist) in the church.

How can I Find the Right Songs?

The easiest way to know that you are choosing the right songs is to let your guests choose the songs themselves.  You can include a small section on the RSVP card with the invitation that includes a section for them to make a “song request”, or if you set up a “wedding site” online you can have people make their requests there.

If you do have a live band or vocalist present, provide them with a list of music and be sure to check out their sheet music too.  See which songs they already have that you enjoy and would like to be played at your wedding.  Feel free to also provide your own sheet music for the band if you happen to come across any songs that you really want them to play and happen to have picked some sheet music up from a music store.

The Crème de la Crème: Having your Own Song

That’s right, you can actually hire people to write your very own wedding song just for you and your groom!  Though, as you can imagine, this is a rather expensive option, it is truly unique and is the best way to set the right mood for your wedding.

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