What Shoes should I Wear on my Wedding Day?

December 5th, 20103:15 pm


What Shoes should I Wear on my Wedding Day?

The dress has been bought.  The veil has been chosen.  Accessories are locked away in sweet boxes for your big day.  At some point closer to your wedding day, you may suddenly come to the realization that you forgot one major part of your wedding attire: your shoes!

Brides with a long, flowing dress may never even have their shoes make an appearance at their wedding day, but it’s still important to choose the shoes that are right for you.  Here are some tips on what shoes you should choose so you will be looking stylish and also be comfortable:


Look at the fabric of your dress, take a picture of it, and then bring that picture to the shoe stores you are going to for your wedding shoes.  You want to try and match the fabric of the shoes to the fabric of your dress to create that put together, cohesive look.  Any silk and satin gowns tend to look beautiful with satin shoes.  Dresses that have silk chiffon or tulle will look good with raw-silk or crepe shoes.


There are a whole lot of different shoe types out there for a bride to choose from, so it is important to consider the type of wedding you are holding, the style of dress you are wearing, as well as your own personal preference.  A bride can easily chose from slippers, pumps, strapped up heels or even sandals if she wants, but the shoe should match the style of the dress and theme of the day.


If you are a short woman who has always wanted to have that long, lean look, your wedding day may not be the best day to choose to wear a 4 or 6-inch heel.  Consider how much walking and standing and moving you will be doing on that day.  Consider how well you can walk in a tall heel, and how possible it may be that you will end up with a twisted ankle by the end of the night.  The height should be based on three things:  your comfort, the length of your dress, and the height of your groom.  The most complimentary height when compared to your groom is within 4 to 6-inches, but if he is 6’4” and you are only 5’1”, it may be a quirky statement to play up your short stature and stick with a low or no-heel shoe.  On a similar note, it is usually not too flattering for a bride to tower over her groom, unless she truly is naturally taller than him.


If you have a white dress, you do not want an ivory shoe.  To properly evaluate the actual color of your dress, make sure you look at it in daylight, or under similar lighting that will be at your ceremony and reception.  Take a picture, and bring that with you when you go on your hunt for shoes.  There are more shades of “white” out there than you may realize, so you want to be sure that the shade of shoe fabric matches that of your gown!


Most shoes come with some sort of embellishment or design.  If it is a design on the shoe that you like, make sure that it matches that of the dress.  Similarly, if your dress has crystals on it, you will want to find shoes that have crystals on them and not pearls.

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