What Is the Unity Candle Ceremony?

December 5th, 20103:10 pm


What Is the Unity Candle Ceremony?

One thing that has become increasingly popular in the past ten to fifteen years is the unity candle ceremony.  The purpose of the unity candle ceremony is to celebrate and symbolize the union of a husband and wife.  Marriage, through this visual display, is being shown as a way to bring two people’s lives together into one.

If you’re thinking about having a unity candle ceremony, you can always request to have one at your wedding ceremony.  First it’s important to understand the set up for the unity candle ceremony.

The Set Up

The unity candle ceremony usually involves a set of three candles.  One larger, singular candle is placed between two slimmer, smaller candles that are placed on either side.  The candles are usually placed in holders (there are specialized unity candle holders if you are interested).  The unity candle is usually set aside during the ceremony, and is only brought out during the specific unity candle ceremony.

The great thing about the unity candle ceremony is that there is no “set” way to perform this ceremony; you can really set it up to look how ever you please.  There is also no specific time in which the unity candle ceremony must be performed.  Think about your own particular wedding ceremony and plot out a time line, and think of when the unity candle ceremony would be most fitting.

Before the Ceremony

Before the unity candle ceremony, you may have to find and purchase both the candles and the holders for your ceremony.  Before the ceremony on the day of your wedding, you will have to have the unity candle ceremony area set up.  You will probably want to try lighting the wicks of the candles before the ceremony and blow them out.  This will ensure that the wicks of your candles will light easily during your ceremony.

During the Ceremony

As mentioned above, the unity candle ceremony is not a ritual that is set in stone.  Some couples like to light the two smaller, separate candles prior to the ceremony to help represent themselves as individuals prior to their marriage.  Others will light up these candles after the wedding is underway, or just before they light the one larger unity candle.

Another option is to have the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom light up the unity candles before the bride and groom enter the ceremony, or during. The mother of the groom and the mother of the bride may be escorted by an usher to light the candles prior to the bride and groom entering the ceremony, or if it is during the ceremony, the mother of the groom is escorted by an usher and the groom himself will often escort the mother of the bride.

If you have children in your current relationship, a great way to have them become a bit more involved in the wedding is to have them light the tapers or even the unity candles themselves.

However you choose to light the two smaller candles, once that is done, the bride and groom can choose when ever they like during the ceremony to light the one large marriage unity candle.