What do my Attendants Do?

November 28th, 20101:23 pm


What do my Attendants Do?

So you have assigned a maid of honor.  You have assigned a best man.  You have bridesmaids and groomsmen and ushers and…

These titles are great and all, but do you actually know what role each of these titles play in your wedding?  If you’re like most people, you have no clue.  Here is a lay out of who is responsible for what in your wedding party.

Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is usually a sibling or the bride’s best friend. This is also the most stressful of any of the positions, given that the maid of honor has so many duties, which includes keeping the bride’s stress levels under control!  Here is a list of all of the other duties that the maid of honor is responsible for:

  • Host and plan the wedding shower
  • Records the gifts received at the wedding party
  • Acts as the official witness at the ceremony
  • Keeps the bride’s dress and overall appearance in check
  • Assists the bride as she changes in and out of her bridal gown
  • Helps decorate the reception room
  • Helps the bride with her bustle
  • Attends any rehearsals
  • Attends the wedding as a member of the receiving line and sits at the head table


The bridesmaids are there to assist the maid of honor and the bride.  Some of their general duties include:

  • Helping the maid of honor plan the wedding shower
  • Help piece together any favors as well as decorate the reception room
  • Attends the wedding as a member of the receiving line and sits at the head table
  • Helps decorate the cars (if the bride insists)

Best Man

The best man is responsible for handling a lot of the “behind the scenes” sort of things, such as paying the vendors at the wedding and the officiant.  He also has the daunting task of ensuring that the groom arrives on time for his own wedding. Some other responsibilities include:

  • The best man must give a speech at the reception
  • Holds the rings and license in a safe place for the groom
  • Sits at the head table and stands in the receiving line
  • Helps with decorating the reception
  • Attends any rehearsals


Groomsmen have a bit of an easier time, as they are more responsible in just assisting the best man with his overwhelming duties.  Some of their other duties include:

  • Decorating the reception room
  • Sit at the head table and stand in the receiving line
  • Participate in any rehearsals that may take place


Ushers tend to be friends of the groom, though they may also be brothers and friends of the bride as well.  Ushers are involved in:

  • Greeting guests at the ceremony and asking which family they represent.  From there they should be able to seat them accordingly
  • Unroll the aisle runner once the bride’s mother has taken a seat
  • Be present in most (if not all) ceremony festivities, including rehearsals and parties