What do I Do with Wedding Crashers?

December 8th, 20107:09 am


What do I Do with Wedding Crashers?

Think it won’t happen?  Think again.  At almost every wedding there is some form of wedding crasher, a person who turns up unexpectedly (and uninvited) to your big day.  Knowing how to deal with wedding crashers can be tough, but after reading this article you will be best equipped on how to deal with them.

The “Plus One”

So you didn’t include “and guest” or “plus one” on an invitation to someone, alas a cousin of yours decided to bring along her newest boyfriend she just started seeing.  Either she wasn’t aware of the proper wedding etiquette, or she just didn’t care.  So now what do you do?

You let them stay.  There’s no way you’re kicking one person out of your wedding and disrupting the whole party, simply because someone decided to be inconsiderate.  Make sure that there is a seat available for the additional “plus one” at the table next to the person who invited him or her.  The table may be a bit tight that night, so kindly suggest that the wedding crashers sit nice and close to each other, so as to allow as much room for the other invited guests.

The Children

Now just who wouldn’t want little darling children at their wedding?  Uh, you!  A good way to try and avoid having children at your wedding is to make it very clear on your invitations that you are inviting the husband and the wife, not the entire “family”.  You can begin the process by sending out a save-the-date card to the couple with just their names, and none of the children’s names.  Then make sure you send out the invitation addressed only to them.  The final step is trying to get your friends and family to spread the word that you aren’t interested in having children at the wedding.

So what if they do show up after all?  The best thing to do is to accommodate them as best as you can.  A nice way to approach the topic with the parents is to ask them to move away from the action if their child begins to fuss or become a distraction of any kind.  Explain that you didn’t realize that children were coming so there was no entertainment for the child, or a special meal planned.  Most kids will eat what their parents are eating anyways, so it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

The Strangers

The oddest of all of the wedding crashers are the random men and women who may show up on your dance floor in the middle of the night.  Just who are these people and why are they eating your food? Do they know you?  The groom?  A guest in attendance?

After deducing that these wedding crashers are complete strangers, keep yourself from becoming frantic and take a deep breath. This doesn’t have to be your problem.  The best way to deal with this problem is to approach either your wedding planner or the venue manager and ask them to quietly ask the guests to leave.  Usually that is all it takes, though don’t be shy about calling the police either if they are refusing to vacate your party.

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