Weird Wedding Gifts: Why you Need a Wedding Registry

December 8th, 20107:04 am


Weird Wedding Gifts: Why you Need a Wedding Registry

So you figure that if you don’t create a wedding registry that your guests would know what to get you, right?  Toaster, toaster oven, some nice plates and wine glasses… these, for most people, are staple items, but this doesn’t mean that this is what you are going to get.  Below are some of the weirdest wedding gifts that brides and grooms have gotten, very likely a result of not having a wedding registry properly set up:

Money Gifts

These can be the oddest gifts of them all, particularly in presentation.  One bride and groom reported that they received $100.  But here’s the kicker: the $100 was all in quarter, and the quarters were loose in a plastic grocery bag. The bride and groom had to tediously count and role each one of those quarters and spend hours rolling them.

Another bride and groom, oddly enough, received a graduation card (wrong occasion!) with $7 placed inside.

A vengeful guest decided to send her “best regards” to the bride and groom recently.  Inside what looked to be a nice card were two pennies and a nasty note, obviously providing her “two cents” and lack of support in the bride and groom’s decision to get married.  Yeesh, get over it!

And perhaps the worst of them all: A check for $50 that bounced, which caused the groom to incur bank fees that almost totaled to the amount of that $50 check.  Nice wedding present, huh?

Décor and Appliances

Décor and appliances, to most, means kitchen appliances, nice paintings or cleaning appliances such as a nice vacuum. But this isn’t always the case.  One bride and groom received a pair of antlers as a wedding gift.  Another couple received a pair of broken marble book ends as a gift (no, they were not broken while in the mail, they were intentionally given that way).  Another bride and groom received a shower curtain with, err, male and female genitalia printed on it.  The reasoning: to promote fertility.

Useful… but still Odd

One bride and groom, for what ever reason, received an obviously well used wooden walking cane as their wedding present.  Another received two 12-packs of toilet paper (hey, at least it is useful) and another still received dental floss.

Here’s another one that left a bride and groom scratching their heads: asparagus.  The wedding guest who gave it said that it was filled with nutrients, which therefore signified that they would have a long and healthy life together if they ate it.  The kicker?  It was blessed by a priest.

Useless… and Still Odd
One couple received an autographed picture of Gene Simmons for their wedding day.  Take note that neither the bride nor the groom are fans of KISS or Gene Simmons in any way.

Another couple who, while they do have a sense of humor, received “fake vomit” as a wedding present.  Sadly no card accompanied the vomit, so they did not know who gave this to them as a gift. No guest who attended the wedding ‘fessed up to it either.

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