Wedding Program Wording – Make Your Own Programs

April 30th, 20101:41 pm


Wedding Program Wording – Make Your Own Programs

Wedding programs are an essential part of any wedding ceremony. They’re usually sent out with the invitations and wedding theme, and can vary from a plain list of those who will attend to a detailed explanation of the wedding proceedings. Most couples will put the wedding program wording together on their own. Whether you decide to make them yourself, or have them made by a professional, you’ll still want to provide the wedding program wording that will be in the program. This article will help you make a decision on the text, and also suggest simple ways to create a program of your own–if you’re so inclined.

Begin by typing the wedding program wording for the program, using your favorite word processing software on a computer. It will read something to the effect of: “Cindy and Brad will be wed on the first day of December, at 4pm. Ceremony to take place at Joe’s Wedding Chapel in Foxglen, on 10th Ave in Foxglen, MI.” Notice the name of bride, groom, date, location, along with the city/town and state.

Next include the wedding party and other wedding participants. The wedding party, a using the following: The official who will marry the couple, Bride and Grooms parents, Maid of honor, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, Best Man, Groomsmen, Ring Bearer, band, etc.

Its just important to add a remembrance section in your wedding program wording, to remind those who are reading the program about those in the family who’ve died over the course of the bride’s and groom’s lives. This is more of a traditional requirement, rather than a “must” but will show everyone a testament of sorts for the couple’s family.

List the music selections and ceremony rituals that will be performed (optional).

Now that the wedding program wording has been taken care of, you have two options: Send the wording to a professional printing center, or you can make them yourself.

When making programs on your own, make sure you choose a proper font that will match your “invitation” font text, and figure out a layout that will allow two programs to fit equally on “half” pages of a single printed page. This will be so you can cut the page in half–sort of a kill two birds with one stone scenario…you’re making two items out of one page.

Print as many copies that you will need (don’t forget you will get two programs per page). Next cut the program printouts in two using a paper cutter preferably. Scissors can be used, but it’s much easier to make mistakes that will waste more paper.

Next proofread the wedding program wording. Important: You should have already done this before you hit “print.” However, it still should be done before sending them out.

Have a wonderful wedding.

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