Wedding Hair Pins & Other Accessories

April 30th, 201012:13 pm


Wedding Hair Pins & Other Accessories

Bridal hair jewelry is growing in popularity, and new lovely designs are always being sold. Now brides have more choice for decorating their hair than they did five years ago. What you will choose to wear will a matter individual preference, but here are a few examples if you find you’re having trouble making a final decision. There are many wedding hair pins, veils, and combs to accessorize with.

Hair Jewelry Selection

Hair jewelry is always a popular choice. You can choose from gemstones like: diamond, pearl, rubies, rhinestone, jade, and many others. Perhaps choose your birthstone to compliment your bridal wear on your wedding day.

Hair jewels are normally attached with a pin of some sort–there are wedding hair pins for every taste and style.

Hair Combs and Pins

If you are watching your funds closely, you can choose hair combs, pins or clips. These hair accessories are affordable, yet fashionable. Combs come in different styles, and their is always wedding hair pins for your specific needs.

For a great look: Purchase combs that aren’t too large. When choosing hair pins, get one that goes well with your gown and hairstyle. If you plan to wear other accessories, make sure they match and don’t get too complicated.

Wedding Veils

Simple Look

These kinds of accessories are a favorite choice in both traditional and modern wedding settings. They come in a variety of different lengths. The most simple of choice often hang on the shoulder and are quite beautiful to behold–by both your soon to be husband, and your guests. If your wedding dress lacks an accompanying train, choose a more simple elbow length-ed veil to accessorize your look. Floor length dresses require the more traditional chapel length veils for an appropriate look.

Formal Look

If your wedding will be formal…buy cathedral-style veils. Fingertip designs are also excellent choices as they match many wedding gown styles and wedding hair pins fit in well with them.

As mentioned earlier: Designers are always releasing new fashions, so keep your eyes open for one that fits you just right.

Bridal Tiaras and Other Accessories

If you’ve chosen not to wear wedding hair pins, think of wearing a bridal tiara. Of course, they are best suited for a traditional wedding, and usually have diamonds, crystal or other gems decorating them. As mentioned; tiaras are best worn in the absence of wedding hair pins, as the two may very well clash with one another–or come off as tacky.

Other Considerations

While many people are already considering this: Try to match your wedding hair pins, tiaras, and accessories to the flower arrangements–along with other decor at your wedding. It may create a lot of extra work and planning, but you want to stand out as a bride, while not completely clashing with everything around you. This can make things like wedding pictures look very displeasing to your guests. The key thing to remember is beauty. We want to look and feel beautiful for our special day.

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