Wedding Dress Alterations

March 20th, 20109:11 am


Wedding Dress Alterations

While many brides believe that their wedding dress will be perfect from the very moment that they put it on, the fact is that quite a few of them will need alterations in order to fit just right. While most dresses do need some form of alteration, it will depend greatly on the type of dress that you opt for and also your body type. However, if you have the right expectations and can fit a good seamstress then you should have no problem ensuring that you are raring and ready to go on your big day.

Timing your alterations is very important. If you end up getting your wedding dress altered too early then it may not fit when the time comes, but if you bring it in to get altered too late then you are running the risk of not having enough time to get it done right. Many experts suggest that altering your dress 2 to 3 months before your wedding date is a good guideline, as it leaves enough time to get things done and your size should not change that much from then until the wedding. You should also remember that it can take more than one fitting to get your dress perfect, and some brides end up heading in for about 3 or 4 fittings to make it all perfect.

The good news is that most gown shops will have their own alterations services, but if not then you can look into an alteration store that specializes in wedding dresses. Your local dry cleaner may not have the experience or knowledge to get everything done properly, as there are many complex details and fabrics that need to be taken into account. You have spent a lot on your dress so there is not much need trying to be stingy with your alterations, as it could lead to disaster.

It is important to remember that you should bring in more than just your gown when you head into a shop for alterations. You should also bring in your shoes, accessories, and undergarments in order to make sure that you can get fitted properly for everything that you will be wearing on the big day. You should be wearing your shoes to make sure that you get the hem right and your undergarments so that you can fit around them when the time comes. If you have not bought your shoes yet, then just try and bring something that is the same size so you don’t end up tripping over yourself on the big day.

The great news if you are wedding dress shopping is the fact that there are so many options when it comes to alterations. Whether you purchase your dress online, at a sample sale, or in a salon, you can often get everything fixed when the time comes. Seamstresses can rework fabrics, open up hems, and redesign a dress altogether if there is need to do so.

Find the right seamstress or tailor, and plan to have enough time to get your alterations done and you should be more than happy with how your wedding dress looks on your special day.

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