Wedding Ceremony Programs

April 30th, 20101:45 pm


Wedding Ceremony Programs

Wedding ceremony programs are one many details that will add an extra special memory to your big day. They’re not only a permanent record of the ceremony; wedding ceremony programs help a guest feel they’re included and lets them understand what will be happening, and the program will introduce your wedding procession to everyone attending. These little sentiments are kept by many of your guests as reminders of your big day also, so don’t take them lightly.

There is no saying that you necessarily must have a program, but for certain kinds of ceremonies they’re considered tradition — and therefore expected:

* Wedding ceremony programs having a religious and/or traditional weddings, with guests who have religious beliefs.

* When you’re having a big wedding ceremony, and guests aren’t familiar with the bride and/or bridesmaids.

* If you’re planning a lengthy wedding and you want guest to be aware of the scheduling.

* Wedding ceremony programs are great for thanking people involved in the wedding, planning process, etc.

People short on time, or working with a budget may wish to skip this option, but just think…a simple wedding program doesn’t need to use much time/money. It’s recommended that you at least provide a simple program for your attendees, as a gesture and souvenir of the event.

Elements of a wedding program

In short order; your wedding ceremony programs will need to have the following:

A cover: The cover has the date, time, location, names of the couple, possible picture of some sort, etc.

Rundown/schedule of events: This part of wedding ceremony programs might also include names, date, location, and time. For the most part the rundown section will give a detailed description of the ceremony including–planned music, greeting period, possible prayer time, exchange of vows, marriage, to name a few possibilities.

Introducing the bridal party: There will be many people to list in this section–wedding official, bride and groom’s parents (step parents if applicable), grandparents, matron of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and any readers are all necessary for your wedding ceremony programs.

Other things to include:

* Any traditions you wish to make use of at the ceremony.

* Letting people know when the will be required to participate in various aspects of your wedding E.g. standing, sitting, kneeling, singing, speech, etc.

* Any applicable “Thanks” the couple and/or parents wish to include.

* Memorials for predeceased relations that have passed on prior to the wedding. (This is more of a traditional inclusion in wedding ceremony programs)

* Brief description of groomsmen and bridesmaids.

* A quick explanation about where the ceremony will take place. This is useful if you’re guests won’t be familiar with the spot.

* Poems or other text you wish to have celebrating your love for one another.

* Reception details. (directions if needed)

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