Wedding Ceremony Decorations

May 1st, 20107:31 am


Wedding Ceremony Decorations

There is no need to follow tradition when planning your wedding ceremony decorations that will go at the entrance of the building you’re going to be married in. So many people focus on every single aspect of their big day and let themselves get so stressed out. Your alter on the other hand; is an important centerpiece for your wedding and does need some extra planning and attention. Look below for some tips and traditions to maximize yours and your guest’s experience on the big day.

Wedding ceremony decorations at the entrance

* A couple having a night wedding, can place an arrangement of high floor candles on each side of the building entryway. Think about safety and use the electric operated candles to avoid fires – they will give the same lighted effect. If your candlesticks are made from metal and/or wood, color them to match your wedding colors.

* Christmas or winter weddings, should make use of sparkles or sequin designed trees to enlighten the entrance to the building were the ceremony will be held. Topiary can also work quite perfectly, along with possibly using silver branch or rosemary bushes in bright colored baskets or vases. Your wedding ceremony decorations may be used again at the reception hall, and given away to guests or taken home when your done with them.

* Use wreath hangers over the entrance to hang a a lovely engagement photo or a sign letting folks know they have come to the right place. I.e., “Welcome to the Franklin Wedding.”

Alter Decorations

* Hang small wreaths of flowers, elegant ribbons, or jewelery from the alter for your wedding ceremony decorations. Hang some nifty decorative candles, or candle rings to create a center of attention at the reception.

* Hang flowers from the alter in delicate glass vases, tiny wicker baskets, wall hanging planters, etc. Try to attach a ribbon that compliments the exterior of the building, so the holder blends in well with your other wedding ceremony decorations. Keep in mind, you only need to place a small bouquet in them – there is no need to wastefully spend your money on expensive outdoor arrangements, as they will only be seen for a moment by your guests.

* Along with the flowers, place a small picture, or the couples initials with the alter flowers as a symbol of what’s taking place below in the alter.

* At a Christmas time wedding put crystals or snowflake jewel ornaments at the alter. Use winter items found in nature, such as acorns tied with beautiful ribbons.

* For a beach style wedding, consider using sea shells, or fish shaped ornaments to accent the alter area.

* When decorating your seating, remember that not all of them have to be decorated – instead concentrate on the areas closest to the alter.