Wedding Centerpieces: Huh?

December 7th, 20107:01 pm


Wedding Centerpieces:  Huh?

Some brides just have that vision of their perfect wedding day.  They can tell you exactly what they want and how they want it, and they’ll very well tell you that they have been planning this day since they were 5 years old.

There are many brides like you, however, who lack that vision and who really haven’t given marriage and the whole “wedding thing” a whole lot of thought until your now-fiancé decided to spring the question on you.  So how do you choose a centerpiece?  And why does a centerpiece even matter?

Why you Need Centerpieces

It’s simple: it makes the tables at your wedding look pretty.  Honestly, that’s all it comes down to.  Plus it can also be a nice conversation piece for a table that is filled with people who do not know each other so well, and you can use the centerpieces as prizes at the end of the night (let’s face it, do you really want to be carting home 10 of the very same flower arrangements that night?).  Centerpieces help set the overall “feel” of your wedding and add a bit of elegance and grace to the whole affair.

Yes, “elegant” and “grace” make brides often think “expensive” and “out of my budget”, but this isn’t always the case.  You can, in fact, get some really good deals on centerpieces.

How Much do Wedding Centerpieces Cost?

The cost of your wedding centerpiece varies greatly.  It is dependent upon what materials you are using to create your wedding centerpiece, as well as the quantity.  The more guests you have, the more you will probably be paying.

If you are having some sort of a floral wedding centerpiece as most brides do, costs can be any where from $25 to $500 per centerpiece, with the most lingering around the $50 mark.  Alternative centerpieces can be made for almost free, though it will take a bit of creativity and vision to put it all together.

How to Save Money on Centerpieces

The first thing that you absolutely must do is shop around.  Don’t settle on the first florist, or the second, or even the tenth.  See what each has to offer and work on them to see what their bottom line is.  Don’t forget that these people do deserve to be paid for their time constructing these centerpieces, but trim the extra expenses as much as possible.

TIP:  If you are really hard pressed to try and cut down costs, try adding more “greenery” to your centerpieces than flowers.  You can save tons of money!

Another way to save money on centerpieces: do them yourself.  Better yet, don’t even include any flowers and fresh greenery either!  Simply choose a very alternative centerpiece and let that be that.  Candles and mirrors are a classic way to go “on the cheap” yet still have a very classy and sophisticated look, though you can also choose Chinese paper fans, paperback novels, collages, framed song lyrics – the list goes on and on.  Who says you need to have flowers anyway?  Do what you want to do.

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