Wedding Bouquet Ideas

April 30th, 20108:34 am


Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you, or someone you know is planning a wedding, you know that there are a mind-boggling amount of choices to be made. Among everything, you’re probably on the hunt for some wedding bouquet ideas–to compliment the atmosphere at the wedding. You need to pick just the right bridal and wedding bouquets to properly set the mood on the special day.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

White bouquets are the traditional color for brides. They can be any kind of flower, such as white roses or even daisy’s. You can also combine certain kinds of flowers, like orchids with white roses and daisy’s. A gorgeous white ranunculus bunch make for an alternative to roses–for those of you who don’t care for them, or want to be different.

There are so many lovely color combs that can be put together, with white roses or stand alone by themselves. If you prefer violets or blue, delphiniums can be a super choice. Iris’ have a lovely blue color. If you love pastel colors (spring-time tradition) purple and pink blossomed roses might be perfect for you. Many iris’ develop as a yellow, white color also.

A group of baby breaths might add a warm touch to your arrangement. The bridal bouquet ribbon is also traditionally white, but many brides match the ribbon to the wedding colors or to their bridesmaid’s dresses also.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

It’s important to decide what your bridesmaids are going to be carrying during the ceremony. It’s traditional when planning your wedding bouquet ideas, to take into account the atmosphere. Most times bridesmaids carry a smaller version of what the bride has. It can get expensive matching up the two, while trying to stick to a budget–so be sure not to make any decisions until you have the whole “picture” in front of you. Many floral shops need warning before making changes, and this could mean you pay for something you’re not happy with–just because you made an order before looking over all your wedding plans, including wedding bouquet ideas.

Consider adding sweet peas: These little delicate flowers come in pink, white, lavender, or really any color you can imagine. They’re great in combination with hyacinths, and have a wonderful aroma. This leaves roses for the bridal arrangement–again to save on costs.

Geraniums are a beautiful flower to consider also. This flower has lots of petals, and has a “full” look to it. Many people incorporate geraniums into their wedding bouquet ideas when in the planning process.

Additional Considerations

Centerpieces, corsages, and decorative arrangements can be suited to taste. There aren’t really many traditions surrounding these items. Many weddings on a budget incorporate fake flowers. The trick with imitation flowers is that they look great (sometimes better than real), and cost next to nothing when compared to real. As an added advantage; you can resell or reuse the fake flowers for other occasions. It’s hard to say you could do the same with real flowers, even though they smell much nicer.

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