Wedding Announcement Wording

April 30th, 20104:47 am


Wedding Announcement Wording

Wedding announcement wording is important to pass on your desire to get married–to your friends and family. Wedding announcement wording on your announcements can be written in a formal or casual tone. If you’re not sure how to go about writing your announcement, this article should help set you on the proper path.

When To Send Your Announcements

Your wedding announcements may be sent to to anyone you wish to know of your engagement. People who want attending the wedding are sent ‘wedding invitations’–weddings can be intimate gatherings and not have many guests that will attend. Your wedding announcement wording should let people know your getting married, but not necessarily be written in a way that says “You’re Invited To Our Wedding”.

These announcements should be considered the first step in the wedding planning process, as they get the ball rolling–so to speak. Mention things like a person’s full name, possible wedding date, and location (town/country).

Wedding Announcement Wording – Tips and Suggestions

Take a look below for some suggestions on wedding announcement wording, and how to structure the overall look. Keep in mind; many people will hold on to your announcement as a keepsake for a lifetime in many cases. Make sure you keep that in mind when you put you announcement together.

Sample Wording:

____ and ____ are very happy to announce their wedding on (date) at (location).

We, ____ and ____, wish to announce our marriage on (date) at (location). Our new home will be located at (new address).

(Parents) would like to announce the marriage of our daughter ____ to ____ on (date) at (location).


____ and ____ are pleased to tell you they are now Mr. and Mrs. ____. They exchanged vows on (date) at (location).

Surprise. ____ & ____ were joined in marriage on (date) at (location).

We, ____ and ____ decided to elope and tie the knot on (date). Come see us at our new place.

Aside from these suggestions for wedding announcement wording: Keep in mind that you can also make use of a favorite poem, or quote from an author of choice (Just be sure it’s appropriate).

Make use of any color of paper if you’re creating your own wedding announcement wording and invite design. Don’t be afraid to buy card templates and put your own wording in them. Also, there are print shops that will put together custom designs for you–or you can use an online program to customize something that suits you and your new spouse.

Some prefer to take a picture and announce their wedding through a newspaper, in the classified section. Many newspapers will have sales staff on hand that have a lot of experience with wedding announcement wording–so this is a great option if you’re unsure how to proceed. Many couples are opting to announce their wedding through a mailer and the newspaper–this way you can send announcements/invites to some people, and have the newspaper ad let people you don’t keep in frequent contact about your impending nuptials.

It’s important to remember that it’s expected you will send out thank-you cards after your wedding (for attending, and gifts). This is something you want to plan just as much as your wedding announcement wording, as people will also hold on to the thank-you as a keepsake.