Trendy Do It Yourself Centerpiece Ideas

November 28th, 20101:11 pm


Trendy Do It Yourself Centerpiece Ideas

Let’s face it, the economy has not been doing so well lately and we are all feeling the pinch in our wallets.  So instead of paying over one thousand dollars on centerpieces, why not create your very own?  Even if you lack creative flair you can still make some hot, classy centerpieces that will have everyone talking.

Don’t believe it?  Consider how many weddings you have been to.  Now think of how many centerpieces you remember. Do you know why you don’t remember them?  Because they were just flowers shoved into a vase. They may or may not have been arranged in a way that was admirable, but chances are your mind did not take note and for the life of you, you cannot remember what the centerpiece looked like.

Take these new and trendy do it yourself centerpiece ideas to not only have less expensive centerpieces, but to have centerpieces that are truly a reflection of both you and your groom.


Old classics that you can find in any used book store for fifty cents are a wonderful investment when it comes to wedding centerpieces.  You can pick out quotes from the book and include them in the invitation cards or placement cards as well to really add to the theme of your wedding.  Some brides and grooms will rip out one page of a book that has importance to them and put it in a picture frame.  This picture frame is usually flanked by tea candles or tea lights, but you can be sure that everyone will be looking at the book or reading the page and will be able to relate to how that reflects both you and our spouse-to-be as a couple.


If you have a lot of chocolate and candy lovers coming to your wedding, one of the best ideas for a centerpiece is having a martini glass placed in the center of the table.  Fill the martini glass up with chocolate balls, candies, or chocolate kisses and place a tapered candle between it all. Make sure the candle is well anchored if you plan on lighting it, and ensure that the candies are wrapped so that even if wax drips on the chocolate and candies that it will still be save to consume.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are really the most valuable asset to any bride who is planning to do her very own centerpieces.  You can create lanterns from mason jars, insert little wedding give-aways in mason jars, or you can create floral and rock creations with them.  One of the most popular decorations with a mason jar is filling colorful pebbles or crystals that can be bought at any dollar store to the bottom of a jar and then filling the rest of the jar with colorful flowers and sprinkles.  Some brides even add fish that they give away at the end of the night.


Choosing fruits that are in season is a great way to really set the tone for your wedding as well as sticking with your centerpiece ideas. Apples are an obvious choice for fall, whereas more tropical fruits such as kiwis, watermelons and mangos are good choices during the summer months.

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