Trendy Colors for Today’s Weddings

November 28th, 20101:03 pm


Trendy Colors for Today’s Weddings

Planning a wedding but you’re not all too sure which colors to choose? No problem!  There are definitely a whole lot of trendy and popular choices out there, all which will make your wedding be sophisticated, fun, and classy.  Here are some of the hottest new trendy colors for weddings for this year.

Chocolate Browns and Pink Tones

This is a popular choice amongst colors as it is both masculine and undeniably “girlie”. Some of the favorite choices are choosing a deep chocolate brown with a very light and subdued pale pink, or for the more brave you can choose a brown tone with a fuschia tone.  This color combination has risen to be the most popular of the wedding colors in recent weddings.

Chocolate Browns and Blues

As you can perhaps see already, chocolate brown tones are the new trend in weddings. They offer a sense of the dramatic without being overbearing or as harsh as black would be.  In this case, pairing chocolate brown with turquoise, powder blue, robin’s egg blue or French blue will definitely give your wedding that sophisticated look if that is what you’re striving for.

Chocolate Brown and Lilac

For a soft and feminine touch, pair up chocolate brown with lilac or a slightly darker purple tone.  This is particularly a great tone for the cooler months, such as winter.

Chocolate Brown and Greens

Green shades haven’t been popular when it comes to weddings for a while, but they are making a comeback in a big way.  Choose a mint green or a celadon shade to pair up with a chocolate brown color and you will have that classy yet fun and refreshing wedding you have always wanted.

If you are wanting to have some other color combinations other than browns, here are some other great choices for you.

Blue and Pale Pink or Fuschia
This is a very popular color combination for any spring or summer wedding. These colors are both feminine and masculine, and they are refreshing and bring about the promise of a fresh start (such as your new marriage to your husband or wife).  These colors are also very inviting and also exciting, so your guest’s senses will be enticed.

Burnt Orange and Cranberry

If you are having a fall wedding, these two colors are the perfect pair for you.  These colors celebrate the falling leaves, the crisp scent in the air, apples and pumpkins and everything else that comes with fall.  If you are having a fall wedding, consider going along with the fall theme and plan your wedding around these colors.

Pale Pink and Black

A classy choice for anyone who wants a more sophisticated wedding with a girly touch is the pale pink and black motif.  The pale pink also helps tame and subdue the black, so the black is not so overwhelming if you choose it as a wedding color

Fuschia and Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a pretty green that is almost a cross between lime green and forest green.  It can almost be paired with any color to make or a fabulous wedding color, though paring it with a fuschia will definitely give your wedding that classy, pretty touch.

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