Top Trends for your Wedding Dress

March 20th, 20109:19 am


Top Trends for your Wedding Dress

When you are out in the world trying to shop for a wedding dress, it can be an overwhelming task. It can be quite difficult to browse through all of the designs and styles that are out there, and that is especially true if you are not aware of all of the trends and popular designs that are out there.

In order to ease the process a bit for you, here is a quick look at some of the top trends these days for wedding dresses.


Whether you are looking at an A-line style or a ball gown, tiers of soft lace are really taking the wedding dress market by storm. Tiers of tulle bring about volume and texture to a gown that is undeniably sexy and still very elegant.

Short Hemlines

Most wedding dress designers have acknowledged the popularity of short hemlines, and have sent out short dresses down their runway. If you have great legs and want to show them off on your wedding day, then embrace these short hemlines and choose a style that is fun and exciting.

High Necklines

High necklines were all the range back in the days of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and that fashion has really come back with a vengeance. The sophistication and fun that comes with this trend has designers enhancing their collections with these styles each and every day.

Sheer Overlays

For brides looking to really bring out the goddess inside themselves on their wedding day, there is not much more perfect than an elegant overlay. Organza overskirts and soft tulle have become all the rage and the light dress creations are being worn all over the world on woman’s special days.

Embellished Belts

There is a wide range of dresses that come with elegant sashes, but a new trend that is popping up is embellished belts. If you want to define your waist and spruce your dress up a bit, then a sparkling belt can be just what you are looking for in your wedding dress.

One Shoulder Gowns

One shoulder wedding dresses have been making quite a comeback recently, because they are one of the best options when it comes to chic style. The asymmetrical neckline is unique and a lot of fun.

Dropped Waists

There is no other trend for wedding dresses out there that can lengthen the torso like a dropped waist does. Designers have been making these styles a fixture on the runway over the past little while, and that trend should continue for years to come.

Twisted Fabrics

Many designers are adding fun to their dresses thanks to twists of fabric on straps and waistlines. Just a little bit of detail can make a big difference when it comes to a wedding dress, and this twisted fabric is proof.

No matter what trend you settle on for your special day, you are sure to love the fact that the options seem to be endless.

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