Top Tips to make your Wedding Ceremony a Success

December 8th, 20107:00 am


Top Tips to make your Wedding Ceremony a Success

Every bride and grooms wants their wedding ceremony to reveal to both themselves and to their guests who they are as a couple, and who they plan to be in the future.  Given how “cookie cutter” a lot of wedding ceremonies are, it can be hard to try and make it extra special.  Here’s how you can really make your wedding ceremony a great success:

Don’t Shy Away from your Feelings

Speaking from the heart is the best way to really draw people into the relationship that both you and your partner share.  Your vows should be warm and even humorous at times, but they should not be cruel or condescending.  You want to get across the point that you are fully aware of the commitment you are about to make and that you are in it for the long haul.

TIP:  This doesn’t mean that you have to blather on and on about how much you love each other.  Keep it short, sweet, and well thought out.  Your partner will love you for it.

Write those Vows in Advance

Do not leave the writing of your vows to the night before your wedding.  Brides and grooms seem to not realize just how busy they will be in the few weeks before the wedding, which leaves almost no time for the most important part of the ceremony: the vows!  If you want time to properly think them out and write them, as well as memorize them, then you definitely need to start writing them several months prior to your big day.

Know your Officiant

Unless your officiant is a priest or someone who has known you for years, then they really have no idea who they are and they have no idea who you and your husband are as a couple.  Make sure that you fill the officiant in on how you want the wedding to appear, and tell him or her a good joke or two about you and your partner so that they can get an idea about who you are as a couple.

Get Cultural

Wedding ceremonies are a great venue to celebrate not only the joining of two families, but the joining of two cultures!  Make sure that you do incorporate different aspects of one another’s culture, if applicable, to give the day that extra special edge.  Both sides of the family will love it.

TIP: Some families strongly warn couples that they should not marry outside of their culture or faith.  Try to kindly tell them that you don’t care about any difference in culture or religion and that you truly over this person you are marrying.  After all, why else would you be making such a commitment?

Include Everybody

The reception is the big party at the end of the night, but the ceremony is the part that holds the most meaning.  Your family on both sides will be more than thrilled to be part of the wedding ceremony.  You can choose to have mothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, or any other family members light the unity candle, or you can assign special readings to different family members.  There are many ways that you can incorporate your wedding party into the ceremony.