Top Beach Honeymoon Locations

November 29th, 20101:10 pm


Top Beach Honeymoon Locations

So you’ve ruled out vacationing in the Alps or backpacking through Europe.  You know how you want your honeymoon to be, and that’s lying on the beach in the tropics some where.  With so many beaches to choose from, it can be hard to find “the one” that you will stay at.  Some of the most popular of 2010 include:

  • Bali
  • Thai beaches
  • The Maldives beaches
  • Cook Islands beaches
  • South Africa
  • Hawaiian beaches (such as Maui, O’ahu, Lana’I and Molokai)
  • Florida Keys
  • St. Barths
  • St. Maarten
  • Turks and Caicos
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines

These are all fantastic locations for you to go and enjoy yourself to the fullest.  Lay out in the sun, enjoy a drink or two, and at night you can either have quiet time with your brand new spouse or you can both hit the town and continue the celebrations!  When looking or a honeymoon vacation spot, it’s important that you do get the best deal possible.  Here’s where the deals lie:

Shop Off Season

This generally means hitting up a hot spot during the fall and winter months.  Most people are able to “go away” in the summer months, so if you plan to have your honeymoon in October, November, or even February through May, you are undoubtedly going to get a far better deal than if you went between June and September.  The key is to also not go during holidays (such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years).   You can do this even if your wedding is in the spring or summer.  As a matter of fact, more and more brides and grooms are deciding to delay their honeymoon to the later part of the year for this reason alone.

See a Travel Agent

As newlyweds, you may have certain deals and discounts available to you that you can’t easily find online.  You can always call a resort or hotel to see what they may be willing to offer you, but this will likely eat up a whole lot of your time, and possibly rack up the long distance charges.  In this case, finding a trusted travel agent who has planned honeymoons before is a good way to go.  He or she will be able to barter to find the best deal for you and get some nice additives include, such as the honeymoon suite for free, free meals, and free trips.  It will be well worth the money.

Packing Tips

You don’t need to pack a whole lot to go to a beach location: a pair of flip flops, a couple pairs of heels, a bikini or three, underwear, socks, shorts, a few light weight shirts. These resorts and hotels also have laundry on premises, so you can easily have that dress you wore dancing three nights ago cleaned and ready to go wear tonight.  Try to pack light and to pack only things that will fit in the carry on area.  That way you know that everything is coming with you, no matter where you go.