To Open Bar, or Not to Open Bar

December 5th, 20102:58 pm


To Open Bar, or Not to Open Bar

Weddings are a celebration of your new life as husband and wife.  As with most adult celebrations, there is usually some amount of alcohol involved.  The question is, should you have an open bar?  Or should you forego the open bar and stick to a cash bar?  Or what other alternatives are there?

Why Couples choose the Open Bar

Though open bars do definitely cost a whole lot more than if you chose not to have one, most couples feel obligated to have an open bar simply because it is an expectation for most people who attend a wedding.  Fact of the matter is, it probably isn’t necessary for you to have a bartender or two available with every type of alcohol on hand, but guests appreciate the effort.  Brides and grooms these days are also worried about guests leaving the wedding, muttering about how they were “too cheap” to have a full blown open bar.

Open bars can easily cost any where from $3000 to $10 000, though they usually cost around $5000 for your typical 120 person wedding (depending on where you live).  If you want to have all of the drink options available to your guests but you don’t want to pay the typical “open bar” price, what a lot of brides and grooms are doing now is giving out “drink tickets”.  Usually 1-3 drink tickets are allotted to each adult guest, and after that they will have to pay for their own drinks.

Why Couples choose Wine and Beer

Almost everyone who will be in attendance at your wedding will be more than satisfied with a selection of beer, red wine, and white wine.  Beer and wine also tends to be considerably less expensive than the typical open bar wedding.  If you choose to do a beer and wine wedding, you may want to consider hiring a bar tender and providing the beer and wine yourself.  You can either buy it from the liquor store, or you can even make your own beer and wine to really save on money.  If you make your own beer, it should be ready to go after 16-20 days typically.  If you make your own wine, you will need to age it for another 6 to 12 months prior to having it be even palatable.  If you are planning on making your own beer and wine, plan far in advance for your wedding day and make sure you have room to store it for those many months.

Why Couples choose a Special Cocktail or Drink

The new trend is for couples to create their very own cocktail or drink that they think is all about “them” as a couple.  These drinks may feature a certain taste, a different color, or any other number of characteristics that the couple feels defines them.  Finding your very own cocktail mix is fun, but it will also be costly, especially if you couple it up with a free open bar.  Consider having your signature drink available for free all night while having a pay open bar or beer and wine available to your guests.

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