Tips for the Groom and his Groomsmen

December 7th, 20106:57 pm


Tips for the Groom and his Groomsmen

The wedding day is always thought to be all about the ride.  It’s all about her looking glamorous, it’s all about her being the center of attention, it’s all about HER.  While the bride may believe this to be true, there is a large part of this wedding day that is also all about the groom. As such, the groom’s groomsmen must rise to the occasion and make his wedding day special for him too.  Here are some tips for both the groom and his groomsmen on how to divert a little bit of attention from the blushing bride and throw some on himself:

The Toast

The toast can be one of the most unnerving parts of any wedding for all best men and groomsmen.  Just what do you say?  What is appropriate?  Will the guests in attendance understand your humor or will you just be standing up there blathering away like an idiot?

Here’s some news for you:  All guests will love a heartfelt touching story of how you met the groom, of an exciting adventure both you and the groom partook in, or any other tidbits of information that shed light into who he really is a person.  Write a speech that covers those elements, practice it more than once, and you’re good as gold.

The Tuxedos

Let’s face it, guys just don’t have nearly as much fun going shopping as girls do, especially if they’re trying on rented tuxes.  You can guess their size, right?  WRONG!  Your best buddies must be there for their tux fitting or else they risk appearing foolish standing in front of all of the guests on your wedding day.  Not only that, but they risk ruining your pictures!

If you are the groom, make it a point to say just how important it is that all best men and groomsmen attend the tuxedo shopping and share their opinion.  It is equally important that they make a point to have the tuxedo fitted properly and that they are familiar with the color tie, types of lapel, handkerchiefs and other items that they are supposed to be wearing on that day.

The Beauty Maintenance

No bride or groom wants the wedding party to show up with scruffy beards and partially grown mustaches.  On the morning of the wedding, take care to do your very best job to slowly shave off any hair that is on your face and follow up with what ever it is you need to make sure that no flaws or imperfections are visible on your skin.

It’s also important that the best man and groomsmen all pay attention to their hair for once, as it is the hair that will help define them from the rest of the ‘suits’ in the crowd on your wedding day.  The hair should be nicely groomed, though also groomed in such a way that is definitive of your groomsman’s personality.  As long as it isn’t a bright red mo-hawk, you should be fine.

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