Thinking About a Backyard Wedding and Reception?

November 27th, 20101:43 pm


Thinking About a Backyard Wedding and Reception?

For those who are a bit more budget conscious, having a backyard wedding and reception may be the best idea, especially if you own a large property or know someone who is willing to lend you their space.

Planning a backyard wedding doesn’t mean that any less planning has to go into it, however.  There are some things you definitely need to consider and make sure that you have, such as:

#1: A Tent

Rain or shine, weddings will happen.  Though we all hope that the sun will be shining down upon us on the day we are married, there is always that chance that it may rain.  Sudden thunder showers have been known to completely ruin weddings that weren’t armed with a tent or canopy.

When choosing a tent, it’s important to choose one that will be large enough for all of your guests to fit under.  You can find a lot of tent companies out there who will be able to help you select the correct tent or tents so that you and your guests will be kept dry, if necessary, on your great day.

TIP:  All too many brides and grooms have foregone getting a tent because “It never rains in July!” or they checked the weather almanac and it said “no rain”.  Don’t cut corners on the tent or you will very likely have a lot of guests leaving your wedding in a hurry!

#2: Décor

All because you’re having a backyard wedding doesn’t mean that you need to set up picnic tables and have red checkered table clothes.  A backyard wedding can still be classy; it all really depends on the décor.  Consider what glassware and silverware you would like to use (no, you do not have to use paper plates and plastic cutlery) and think about having nice silk linens and napkins set up too.  Flowers can still be just as elegant as if you were to have a “fine dining” experience in an upscale restaurant, as can the other accompanying decorations.

#3: Rent some Tables and Chairs

You can easily find some rental companies who will set up and take down the tables and chairs you require.  These companies will often also set up the linens and provide glassware, silverware, and napkins you need too.

TIP:  Most of these companies do not provide chair covers, or they do at an extra fee.  Chair covers are another great way to keep you backyard wedding and reception looking classy and elegant.

#4: It doesn’t have to be a Barbeque

When people think of a backyard wedding, they think of barbeques and potlucks.  This doesn’t have to be the case, unless you are on a tight, tight budget.  You can find caterers who will provide any sort of cuisine you desire and at a number of different prices.  You may want to consider having a sit down meal, as a buffet will take up more outdoor space and require an additional tent or two for coverage.

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