The Wedding Registry FAQs

December 6th, 20108:22 pm


The Wedding Registry FAQs

The wedding registry is not always such an easy thing.  Many brides and grooms choose items that the guests roll their eyes at, and other brides and grooms feel downright guilty about even asking their guests to send them a gift on their wedding day.  Here are some of the top wedding registry “frequently asked questions” in hopes that they will answer yours, too:

Can I Return the Gift?

So someone got you a gift that is completely inappropriate and that wasn’t even on your registry. Can you return it?  YES.  As long as there is a return slip in the package, by all means return this gift and receive a store credit or cash back.  The important thing is that you write them a “Thank You” card and mention the item that they originally purchased, and not the item that you got in its place.

Can I Ask for Money?

In most cultures, asking for money rather than a gift is a faux pas.  Yes, more and more couples are moving in together and have already gathered a fair amount of items that they will need for their life together, but this doesn’t mean that you can ask for guests to each send you $50.  Something that can easily work is by telling a few select family members and friends that you would be “thrilled” to receive cash tucked in a card on your wedding day.  They will be your advertising team and help spread the word about you preferring cash over actual gifts on your day.

How do I Thank Someone for Money?

It can be a bit tricky to thank a guest for sending you money, even if you did request it. Rather than sit down and write “Thanks for the $75!” you should simply say that you will use the money they gave you towards something else, such as your honeymoon or a brand new car, or even a house.  The guests who have given you money will appreciate knowing that it went to a good cause.

When do I Register?

You can register any where from 6 to 12 months prior to your wedding day, though the bulk of all items that are purchased will be close to your wedding day.

How do we Accept Gifts on a Destination Wedding?

So you don’t want to lug home that coffee maker and toaster.  Guess what – your guests don’t want to bother bringing it out to you on your destination wedding either!  Not only is the item more prone to breakage, but it is also more prone to confiscation at any border crossing and it is totally impractical.  You can advise your guests to purchase items online only (meaning it will be shipped to your house) or they can even ship the gifts to your house themselves from their own home, or hand deliver the present.  You can leave your mailing information on you invitation, or on an online wedding site that you have created.  They will be more than happy to send it to you so you receive it when you get home from your wonderful trip.

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