The Wedding Party Attire: Who Pays for What?

December 6th, 20108:19 pm


The Wedding Party Attire: Who Pays for What?

When it comes to who pays for the dresses and who pays for the tuxes, there can be a bit of a gray area for some brides and grooms.  Some couples feel guilty asking the members of their wedding party to purchase the bridesmaids dresses or rent the tuxes, since they are, after all, asking this person to be a part of their big day.  Unless it’s part of your culture to pay for these items, remind yourself that in general, when you do extend the invitation for someone to be a part of your bridal party, they are thereby accepting all of the costs involved, like the dress and the make up and the hair styling.  Here are some helpful hints about who pays for what on the wedding day:

The Bridesmaids

For some reason, some bridesmaids believe that the bride will be footing the bill for their dress.  Once they find out that they are the one responsible, there can be a bit of an uproar.

A good way to approach this topic is that when you do ask someone to be your bridesmaid, you let them know immediately what it entails: paying for your own wedding attire and helping you out with the wedding planning!  The next best thing for you to do is to be mindful of each person’s budget in the group.  Not everyone has the same amount of savings as the other, so try to keep the budget from $200 to $400, a realistic budget for anyone if they plan out their financials properly.  Offer some suggestions on dresses you like, and take their thoughts into account too.  You don’t want to force a bridesmaid to wear a dress that is unflattering or is uncomfortable for her, so be open to accepting different styles of dress within the same color tone or color range.

The Groomsmen

Luckily for the guys, it’s far less expensive to get dressed for a wedding.  The tux rental may set them back a bit, but they don’t need to spend a ton of money on hair, make up and accessories.  The groom should pay and supply the boutonnieres for their best man and groomsmen, but apart from that the costs are all on them.  Try to coach them to at least all appear to be uniform, such as wearing the same style of tux and a tie that is the same color (and that matches your wedding colors), but be a bit more lenient with the accessories.  These will allow them to add a bit of their own personality to the tux.

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

When it comes to the little ones, it is the parents who traditionally pay for the outfits.  This usually involves having the flower girl wear a little white dress (meant to be a small representation of the bride’s dress) and the ring bearer wear a tiny tux.  All other accessories, such as the flowers, baskets, and the ring pillow, are expenses that the bride and groom are expected to pay.

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