The Wedding Costs You Don’t Plan For

November 29th, 201012:48 pm


The Wedding Costs You Don’t Plan For

You know that you will be paying for the food and drinks. You know you will need to pay to rent out the venue, and that you will need to spend money on your wedding dress and either buying or renting your groom’s tux.  You may have very well written down a list, checked it twice, and budgeted out all of the expenses you are going to incur on your wedding day.

That’s when you realize that you went over budget.  But how?

Weddings have extra costs that you don’t even think of or consider when you are drawing up your wedding budget.  Here are some of the top expenses that are often missed on nearly all wedding budgets:

Wedding Dress Alterations

Even if your wedding dress fits like a glove, there’s a good chance that you will be paying to have a bustle included in the back of the dress.  More often than not, the hem of the dress must be altered (this will cost around $100), and the bodice may also need to be altered (this will cost a whole lot more than the hem!).  You can try to cut down on these costs by having your wedding dress altered at the store for a lower, negotiated fee, or you can try to find a less expensive seamstress.

Postage Stamps

You have the invites, the thank you cards, and what ever else all ready to send in the mail.  We often neglect to consider just how much it will cost to send these things through the mail!  Brides and grooms can easily spend any where from $100 to $500 on postage alone.  Now that’s a lot to not budget for!

TIPTo save costs on postage, try using online services. These are often free too, so you can be saving $700 to $2000 on your wedding budget right there!

The Wedding Band

When you hire on a wedding band, you assume that the cost that they quote you is for the whole thing, right?  Wrong!  The cost that you agree upon is just the fee for the musician’s time, and perhaps some basic equipment (think keyboard and a guitar).  Any other additional speakers, microphones, or larger instruments will come at an extra cost.  This can quickly rack up to costing you thousands of dollars in unexpected fees.  When you sign a wedding band or a DJ on for your wedding, be sure to have your reception venue picked out first.  If possible, meet them there so that they can see the space they will be working in.  You can then discuss the equipment needs for that night and sign a contract for a price that you know is the price that is going to be paid.

Overtime Photographer Fees

You book your photographer for 3 hours, but by 1 minute after the 3 hour mark you are wishing to take more pictures.  The photographer casually suggests he or she stay for an extra hour or two, and you agree as you want to capture these memories for a life time.  Do not be fooled!  Most photographers charge any where from $100 to $500 for every additional hour of their time.  Make sure you book the photographer for an appropriate length of time and don’t go over it.

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