The Top Bachelorette Party Props

November 29th, 201012:28 pm


The Top Bachelorette Party Props

Are you a maid of honor wondering just how you are going to piece together this whole bachelorette party that everyone is depending on you to plan?  No problem, even if this is the first time planning a bachelorette party, we have got you covered.  Here are some props that you will need to make the day (or night) an absolute success.


The bride absolutely needs a veil or a headpiece so that everyone you run into that night knows that she is a bride who is celebrating her bachelorette party.  This is a great way to get the party started, and the bride will feel special.  She will have bartenders, taxi drivers, and the hot (or not so hot) guys at the bars and clubs making passes at her.  Hey, she won’t be able to have guys vying for her attention for long, why not let her have that one last chance to enjoy it at her  bachelorette party?

Bridal Missions

No bachelorette party is complete without a “to do” or “dare” list!  If you need to help of the other bridesmaids to come up with ideas, they will undoubtedly love to take part.  Create a set of different missions that the bride is to undertake throughout the entire day and/or evening.  This may include a scavenger hunt, which usually includes finding more scandalous things such as asking a man for a condom and collecting phone numbers or business cards from random men.  The list should be silly but not completely humiliating for the bride (as the maid of honor, chances are you know where her comfort level lies).  Try to avoid any contact with ex boyfriends, harassing co-workers, or dancing on a table in a short skirt.

Dress her Flirty

This doesn’t mean that you have to throw her in a tiny, tight skirt and a corseted top. Adding just a bit of added “sexy” or flirt to her outfit will go a long way. This may include throwing a feather boa on her, having her wear a corsette, or tie up boots that fit.  Advising the other guests that this is the “theme” will have them also participating so you bride won’t feel as if she’s standing out too much from her friends.

The X-Rated Essentials

No bachelorette party is complete without those special x-rated essentials that can usually only be found either online or in an adult shop.  Some great x-rated essentials include:

  • Male genitalia straws (you know she’s going to be drinking all night!)
  • Funny sex-related books
  • Blow up dolls (he is the only man allowed at the party, after all; make sure you keep him naked and have the bride-to-be cart him around al night).

You can also purchase “sexy” ice cube trays that will form ice cubes into rather lewd shapes if you are having a party at home.  There are also cookie cutters and cake pans you can purchase that are shaped in equally lewd shapes.