The Then and Now: A Look at how Wedding Dresses have Evolved

December 6th, 20108:13 pm


The Then and Now: A Look at how Wedding Dresses have Evolved

If you have paged through your mom and dad’s old wedding album, you have undoubtedly noticed a change in current wedding attire.  Even watching a joke video show on the television will reveal the brides of the 1980s wearing the big poofy sleeved dresses that are merely a relic 20 or some odd years later.  Let’s step into our time machine and look at the dresses of then and compare them with the dresses of today.

The Ball gown for Bridesmaids

Back in he 1970s and 80s, having a full length ball gown as a bridal dress was all the rage.  Sure, it looked like you just stepped out of your high school prom, but that was the style back then!

Let’s fast forward to the 21st century.  These ball gowns that are often now just plain laughable to the modern bride have been replaced with chic cocktail-length dresses that allow for versatility and comfort.  These gowns are flirty, sexy, and they are very figure flattering, no matter how large or how small the bridesmaid may be.  As the wedding market grows, so does the different bridesmaid dress options that are out there.

The Poofy Sleeve

Looking back, most women can’t even believe that they wore a dress that had a giant poof on their shoulder that was about the size of a softball.  These were used on tons of wedding dresses back in the day in an effort to appear stylish and also covered up.

Nowadays, you’ll be hard pressed to find a modern gown with giant, poofed up sleeves.  These days if you are looking for a sleeve, you will find a dress with a dainty capped sleeve.  These sleeves will provide a bit more coverage for the modest bride and more comfort, but they are far less bulk and cumbersome than the “poof”.  The best part is, almost any bride of any body type can pull off the capped sleeve, which is why it has become such a popular choice.

The “Blah” Pastels

Back in the day, every bridesmaid would wear some sort of soft, girlie pastel shade.  This was thought to be a reflection of her more “feminine” side, and it was thought to be more pretty.  Though this was true in some cases, often bridesmaids would just look washed out and “blah”.

In this new century, bridesmaids have now been choosing beautiful new shades that include bold colors, vibrant shades, and deep jewel tones that are flattering to any bridesmaid – and that will help her stand out from the crowd.  It’s not a shocker to see that delicate robin’s egg blue replaced by a bright turquoise, or that soft purple to be now turned into a purple jewel tone.  The motto these days is, the richer the color, the better!

The Taffeta

What a mistake this was.  Twenty to thirty years ago, wedding dresses almost always included taffeta – SHINY taffeta, no less.  This tacky material has since been replaced with a far more flattering and fluid silky charmeuse that is form fitting and very glamorous.  Unlike the stiff taffeta of 20 years ago, the charmeuse fabric will cling to your body in all of the right places and will only enhance your beauty on your big day.

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