The Pregnant Bride

December 7th, 20106:47 pm


The Pregnant Bride

Apart from the “shotgun wedding” jokes you have almost definitely received, being a pregnant bride is no easy feat.  Not only do you have to start planning for your new life ahead with a new baby, but you have to plan for a wedding along with your mood swings and your growing belly.  As a pregnant bride, it can be hard to stay focused and plan for your big day, but it is possible.  Here are some things to help you get started on your way:

The Wedding Dress

The number one concern that crosses any pregnant bride’s mind is her wedding dress.  With a growing belly, a growing bust and potentially other body parts growing along with you, how can you know what size of dress to choose?  For the brides who do not want their belly to “show” on their wedding day, you should try to consult a seamstress or a designer and see what sort of design they would recommend for being able to hide a pregnant belly well, or a dress that can be easily altered to conceal your obvious belly.

Maternity dresses are also making a big splash on the bridal scene and fewer and fewer brides are waiting to be married before they begin a family.

What you want to do first and before you even find a dress is to find a seamstress who will be able to provide alterations within a week or two of your actual wedding day.  Your belly is going to grow a whole lot faster than you may imagine, especially if this is your second or third baby, so it’s going to be important to get alterations as close to your wedding day as possible.

The Ring

Along with pregnancy come ten swollen fingers.  Because of this, it’s understandable that brides are concerned about their wedding ring not fitting on their big day.  In situations like these, it’s a good idea to order your wedding ring half a size to a full size larger than what it usually would be.  If the ring doesn’t fit properly, then you can always add on a ring “fitter” that can be placed inside of the ring so that the ring fits nice and snug.  Consult a trustworthy jeweler for more ideas on how you can fit a potentially oversized ring onto your finger.

NOTE:  It’s always best to order everything larger than you think you will need, as opposed to smaller.  Do not be conservative when it comes to your dress size or ring size

The Pregnancy

The physical nature of being pregnant dictates that you will be more tired, more swollen, and possibly more moody than you would be if you weren’t pregnant.  If you are in the first trimester, or if you are one of the unfortunate few to have morning sickness last the whole 9 months, then you may not be feeling your very best on your wedding day too.  Make sure that you take care of yourself on that big day, as that little life that is growing within you belly will last a lifetime, whereas your wedding will only last a day.  Rest as needed, and enjoy the sparkling apple cider!

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