The Perfect Wedding Dress: How to find it

December 7th, 20106:43 pm


The Perfect Wedding Dress: How to find it

If you are like most brides, you have been dressing up your little dollies in wedding dresses since, well, for as long as you can remember!  But what we think looks good on them may not look very good on us.  Don’t go shopping around for dresses thinking of yourself as a life-sized Barbie; it’s important to go dress shopping with some rules and guidelines so you know that you’ll look exactly how you want to on your wedding day.

Know your Wedding Date (or at least the Season)

If you don’t know when about you are getting married yet, then you are wasting your time dress shopping.  It’s important that you know whether you are getting married in the spring/summer or fall/winter months, or if you are having a destination wedding, as this will help determine the style of dress, the materials that it should be made out of, and other fine details.  Browse all you like, but don’t put down any down payments or purchase any dresses just yet!

The Dress should fit you Now

One of the biggest mistakes that the overly ambitious bride makes is purchasing a dress that is one or two sizes too small for her.  It doesn’t matter if your wedding is 3 weeks or 3 years from now; buy a wedding dress that fits you today.  All too many brides buy dresses that are too small and begin a wedding diet plan – only to then fall into the trap of having wedding parties with wine and fatty foods, food tastings, and other celebrations that lead to a high caloric intake.  Not only that, but planning a wedding is stressful, which adds to the increased craving for sugars and fatty foods.

If you are able to lose the weight for your wedding day, congratulations! But if you bought a dress that fit you on the day you purchased it for your wedding, you can easily have this altered to fit you on your day.  Buying a dress that is too small cannot be so easily altered, or it may even be downright impossible.

Gown Styles and Types based on Body Shape

Your body shape dictates the style of dress that you will wear.  Here are some of the most common body types and what dresses you should strongly consider wearing so that you look the most stunning on your big day:

Pear-Shaped:  To help draw attention away from the hips, look for a dress that has a lot of textured fabrics and decorative pieces around the bodice and with a rather simple skirt.

Short: Empire waistlines and high necklines will trick people into thinking that you are a lot taller than you really are.

Full-Figured:  Princess style gowns are a great choice.  Think A-line skirts with a V-shaped or U-shaped neckline and you’re on the right track to buying the right dress

Thin: Princess style dresses or full skirted gowns are a top choice for the taller ladies out there.  These dresses will help give you a more full and feminine look.

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