The Head Table Dilemma: Who Sits Where?

December 6th, 20107:19 pm


The Head Table Dilemma: Who Sits Where?

The head table can cause a bride and a groom a whole lot of grief.  There are some people who will expect to be sitting at your head table with you who you have no intention of having sat there, and there are others who may not even feel comfortable with the idea of sitting up front and center with you.

The tricky thing about the head table is that there are no “set in stone” rules about who is going to sit with you.  More traditional weddings involved having family members sit up at the head table with the bride and groom, but recently brides and grooms have been choosing to have their bridal party sitting up there with them.  Or, the bride and groom can choose to have a sweetheart table where it is just them sitting at the front.  If you absolutely cannot decide who to seat at your head table, this isn’t a bad option.  Should you choose to go this route, make sure that you do create special tables for your wedding party.

Where to Place the Table

The head table should be right at the very front of the entire reception.  You are the stars of the day, after all, so you should be visible to everyone and be the center of attention!  If you are having your reception in a larger hall, then you will probably want to have the head table placed at the front of the hall and facing all of the guests.  Smaller weddings may choose to have the head table in the center of the hall so that they are actually sitting amongst their guests rather than in front of them.

What Style of Table should I Use?

Not all head tables need to come in a boring old rectangular shape.  You can also choose to have a U-shaped table, which is a fantastic choice given that it allows for the couple to actually speak to the bridal party on either side of the table, and the bridal party can easily speak to one another as well.  An L-shaped table has the same idea where the bride and groom share one side of the table and the wedding party shares the other.

Next choice is the round table.  Though this does allow for everyone to speak amongst each other, the bride and the groom will become hidden amongst the bridal party, so they will not be visible to the guests.

Who Sits Where?

The arrangement of the head table is truly up to the bride and the groom.  You may want your parents to sit next to you, or you may want your best man and maid of honor to sit upfront and center with you.  No matter what, the bride and groom should always be in the center, and the groom should sit to the right of the bride.  The most popular way to seat the head table these days is having the maid of honor sit next to the bride and the bridesmaids sit next to her, and the best man sits next to the groom with the groomsmen sitting beside him.

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