The Best Bridal Dress Shape for your Body

November 27th, 20101:38 pm


The Best Bridal Dress Shape for your Body

There are several options out there when it comes to bridal gowns.  Girls from their earliest days have had a vision of themselves in that perfect, beautiful gown – but what if that perfect gown you have always dreamed of does you no favors when it comes to your body?

When you are looking to choose the best bridal dress for you, it’s important to take your body shape into consideration.  Don’t take this as an opportunity to criticize yourself or go on a crazy diet plan; your shape is your shape and there is a stunning bridal dress out there for you, from the thinnest to fullest of women.

Pear Shaped Brides

Pear shaped bodies are the most common among women, which means that a lot of bridal gowns are being made just for you.  A woman who is pear shaped tends to have hips that are wider than her shoulders, and the waist is well defined on both sides.

Any sort of V-neck, strapless, or scooped neckline will be flattering, including the off shoulder styles.  Classic A-line princess gowns are a great choice, though try to avoid a very full skirt.  This will only increase the width of your hips.  Empress lines and diagonal draping works well too.

Try to avoid any sort of high cuts on the neck. This will only make your hips appear wider than they are.

Triangle Shaped Brides

This shape is opposite to the pear shape.  You will have wide shoulders, yet your hips are slender and smaller.  Any sort of straight cut or bias cut dress will give you that sophisticated, classic look.  You can also go or a full ball gown style of bridal dress in this cut.

If you have a smaller bust, then try out a halter-style dress or any higher neck cut, as this will help balance out your shoulders and hips along with your bust.  Should you need to add some shape, try adding bows and bustles around the hip area.

What you want to avoid are low necklines, which will only make your shoulders more pronounced.  Wide necklines and poofy sleeves are also a big “no-no”.

Rectangular Shaped Brides

If your hips and shoulders are at about the same width, then you are a rectangular shaped bride.  You probably also do not have a lot of waist definition.  Any dress that has a waistline with a V-shape will help define your waist.  Corsets and structured tops that have a fuller bottom will also go a long way to help give your body some shape.  For you taller rectangular shaped women, try on some dresses that feature a bias cut or an empire waistline, and for all women you should attempt to keep detailing either above or below your waist.

Don’t choose any dresses that are halter style or that offer high necks.  These will narrow your shoulders and make you appear disproportionate.

Hourglass Shaped Brides

The hourglass shaped bride has hips and shoulders that are of the same width, yet unlike the rectangular bride, the waist is defined.  Choose any dresses that are strapless, feature a scooped neck line or that have a V-neck line.  A-line dresses are a good shape, though a mermaid style is fantastic for the more slender hourglass brides.

You do not want to go for straight dresses or bias cuts unless you are very tall and relatively slim.  Empire dresses are also not the best choice, as they will hide your gorgeous natural shape.

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