The Alternative Bouquet: Crystal Bouquets

December 5th, 20104:12 pm


The Alternative Bouquet: Crystal Bouquets

Not a big fan of flowers?  Don’t feel obligated to include them in your wedding simply because everyone else does.  You can make a number of alternative bouquets yourself, one of the most popular and most beautiful being the crystal bouquet.  The best part is that you can save a lot of money and make these bouquets yourself.  Whether you’re crafty or you lack any artistic abilities, these simple instructions will guide you to make the most unique and beautiful bouquets you have ever seen.

To start the project, you will need a few extra materials, such as:

  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Measuring tape
  • 24-gauge silver or gold craft wire (non-tarnish)
  • 16 10-millimeter bicone or round crystal beads (top or center hold beads are fine)

Step 1: Take your 24-gauge wire and cut 16 sections of the wire to 24-inches in length with your wire cutters

Step 2: Now, take one crystal bead and thread it halfway through the 24-inch strand of wire.

TIP: If you want to really glam up your crystal bouquet, consider using Swarovski crystal beads.  These are more expensive than your run of the mill crystals, but you and your guests will certainly notice the difference!

Step 3: Now take your needle nose pliers and then bend the wire so that your crystal bead is at the tip.  Hold the wire that is beside your bead with your pliers and then twist the pliers so that you create a bend in the wire.  Smooth the two halves of the wire and make sure that the two ends are even at the bottom.

Step 4: Hold that crystal bead with one hand and then twist the two wire halves together, right to the very tip.  Your crystal should now be at the end of the twisted strand.

Step 5: Repeat the above steps 2, 3, and 4 until you have created sixteen strands.  You can create less if you would like, but sixteen will create a full, beautiful bouquet for you on your wedding day.  You can consider making small ones for your bridesmaids which may only involve using 10 to 12 strands.

Step 6: Take your 24-gauge wire and this time cut two 30 inch long sections.  Bend each of the two wires in the middle and double them over, so you should have two halves of 15 inch sections.  Now twist the wires from one end to the other, just as you did in step 3.  You will want these to look like they are the stems of your crystal bouquet.

Step 7: Gather up all of your crystal stems and bundle them like a bunch of flowers.  Measure the bouquet 2 inches from the bottom, and then 4 inches from the bottom.  At the 2 inch measurement, wrap one of the 15 inch sections of twisted wire around the bouquet.  Then wrap the next 15 inch section at the 4 inch measurement.  These stems will hold your glitzy crystal bouquet together.

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