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How to Make your own Wedding Veil →  November 27, 2010 0

Most brides are absolutely astounded by the price tag that they will find on any wedding veil in the stores.  $150 for a swatch of cloth?  $300 for a swatch of cloth with some gems or glitter?  Get out of here!  If this sounds like you, and if you have a bit of an artistic […]

How do I Choose the Right Wedding Veil? →  November 26, 2010 0

Different lengths, different colors, different styles – no wonder why a lot of brides these days are just going with a tiara and aren’t wearing a wedding veil at all! Wedding veils are meant to compliment your overall appearance, especially your dress, but sometimes there are just so many options that it is downright impossible […]

Finding that Perfect Veil for your Wedding Dress →  March 20, 2010 0

Whether you are shopping online or browsing all kinds of bridal boutiques, finding that special dress is an absolutely extraordinary experience. And then after it is all done you have to start finding the perfect accessories to match your wedding dress. That is especially true if you have decided that you want to wear a […]