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How do I Budget my Wedding? →  November 27, 2010 0

Wedding are fun.  Weddings are exciting.  Weddings can also cost you an arm and a leg unless you follow a pre-planned budget.  A budget will help you plan appropriately for your upcoming expenses, and it will also help keep you out of debt once the wedding and the reception are over. Unless you have been […]

Landing Wedding Planner Jobs →  April 30, 2010 0

Create a relationships with wedding shops to find wedding planner jobs Go talk to local wedding shops and introduce yourself. Let them know that you’re starting a wedding planner service and would greatly welcome any potential customers they may be able to offer. This needs to be a barter though, you would then offer them […]

Tips for Planning a Wedding →  April 10, 2010 0

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful and frustrating event in life but if you put everything together properly and are willing to put work in then the process can be a lot more fun that you might think. The internet and an increase in technology over the years has made planning a wedding […]

A Guideline to Wedding Planning →  April 2, 2010 0

Wedding planning starts almost instantly as you say yes when he pops the question, and the process can be a long and stressful one if you do set out goals and do your best to stay on track with your schedule and budget. To help you stay on track with wedding planning here is a […]