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When your Parents Disapprove of your Fiancé →  December 8, 2010 0

There can be nothing more troubling than when your own parents don’t approve of the person who you have chosen to be “the one”.  Before you become upset and go on the defense, try to diffuse and sort out the situation. Start off by trying to see your partner through their eyes.  To many of […]

Sibling Rivalry and your Wedding →  December 8, 2010 0

You know your sister almost as well as you know yourself.  If you’re reading this, chances are you suspect that you may have a bit of sister-trouble during the days leading up to your wedding, and maybe even on the day of.  Your sister may be the “whiner”, or she may be the careless “indifferent” […]

Dealing with Cold Feet →  December 8, 2010 0

It’s not a rare thing for a bride or groom to get a case of “cold feet” as their wedding day grows nearer.  The amount of stress that you are both going through at this time is certainly no easy feat, and can cause for brides and grooms to bicker, fight, and perhaps reconsider this […]

Who is going to Give me Away? →  December 8, 2010 0

Weddings are a wonderful time where families reunite to celebrate the joining of a couple.  We all have visions of our perfect wedding day, most of which, at least for the bride, involves her being given away by her father.  In this day in age, there are many reasons why a father may not be […]

When the In-Laws are Crossing the Line →  December 8, 2010 0

Maybe they phone every single day, or several times a day.  Maybe they come over every day, or maybe they are going so far as to critique the way you cook, the clean, and the lifestyle that both you and your groom to be or husband have chosen.  All too many brides have “in law” […]

What you Didn’t Know to Ask about your Wedding Day →  December 8, 2010 0

Just when you thought that you had read every magazine, every website, and asked every question imaginable about your wedding day, other questions will come creeping up on you, often right before your wedding day.  Here are some of the top “I didn’t know” wedding-related questions and answers. How do we Kiss at the Ceremony? […]

The Receiving Line:  What do I Do? →  December 8, 2010 0

After the ceremony is done and over with, most brides and grooms just want to get down with their guests and get the party started!  So what’s with this receiving line business? Why Have a Receiving Line A receiving line is a surefire way for all of the guests to get a chance to greet […]

The Mother-In-Law who Won’t let Go →  December 8, 2010 0

It happens.  There will be a mother-in-law who won’t be able to let their “baby”, also known as your “husband-to-be”, go very easily.  Sure she may seem pleasant and kind to you, but then there are the little signs that indicate that she isn’t quite ready to not be the main woman in his life […]

Save-the-Date 101: Your Questions Answered →  December 7, 2010 0

Some brides and grooms choose to send along a save the date, though many these days are deciding to also forego this formality.  This is causing a bit of a grey area for those brides and grooms that may want to send a save-the-date.  Do you send one?  Do we send one to everyone? Do […]

Children: A Marriage Obligation? →  December 7, 2010 0

Of course everyone wants to be a grandparent, or an aunt, or an uncle, or they just simply want to see new life come into this earth.  As much pressure as you may be feeing to have children, it’s not something that anyone else should play any part in.  After all, it is a very […]

The Pregnant Bridesmaid →  December 7, 2010 0

Some brides have a hard time considering their pregnant friend to be a bridesmaid or a maid of honor, but this doesn’t necessarily need to be a reason to not ask a good friend to be an important part of your special day.  Here are some things to think about when asking your pregnant girlfriend […]

The Pregnant Bride →  December 7, 2010 0

Apart from the “shotgun wedding” jokes you have almost definitely received, being a pregnant bride is no easy feat.  Not only do you have to start planning for your new life ahead with a new baby, but you have to plan for a wedding along with your mood swings and your growing belly.  As a […]

Planning a Wedding During the Holiday Season?  Read This. →  December 7, 2010 0

Who doesn’t love the holiday season?  It’s a time of year where families unite, where friends bond closer, and where romance peaks at an all new high.  Sounds like a pretty good time to also throw a wedding now, doesn’t it?  No one says that you have to throw your wedding during the spring or […]

Siblings and your Wedding Day →  December 6, 2010 0

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Now that you probably have gotten over the excitement of that gleaming engagement ring on your finger, it’s time to start thinking about venues, dresses, and the bridal party.  For some this is a rather easy decision, especially if they have a relatively small family (i.e. one brother or sister), […]

How to Have a Stress Free Wedding →  December 6, 2010 0

We are all used to seeing the bride frantically running to and fro, whining and complaining and crying about how this, that or the other thing isn’t working and how “something” is missing or just isn’t turning out the way it was supposed to.  Some brides have a full on anxiety attack or nervous break […]

Divorced Parents and Weddings: How to Deal →  December 6, 2010 0

It’s not surprising that between a bride and a groom, at least one has a set of divorced parents.  Having a set of divorced parents at your wedding can make things a bit awkward and strained for you and your parents, but there are things that you can do to help smooth over the entire […]

So you Need to Change your Last Name →  December 5, 2010 0

Changing your name is a once in a lifetime ordeal, which is why a lot of brides are left in a dark when it comes to what exactly they need to get their name changed on.  We may all think about the driver’s license and our social insurance cards, but there are a whole lot […]

The Childless Marriage: Every Bride and Groom’s Choice →  December 5, 2010 0

Within days after your wedding ceremony (or perhaps even before) you will start getting those questions about when you and your husband are planning on having your first child, or how many you’re thinking of having, or how far apart each child is going to be, and so on and so on.  For what ever […]