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Do I Really Need Wedding Favors? →  December 8, 2010 0

Wedding favors: do you really need them?  Some of us have undoubtedly attended a wedding, only to leave the little candy favor behind, sitting on the table uneaten.  Either we forget to take them, or they seem so unnecessary that we just simply leave them. A lot of guests do expect a wedding favor of […]

Yummy and Delectable Wedding Favors →  December 8, 2010 0

Wedding favors are a great way to tell the people in attendance at your wedding that you love, care, and appreciate them.  Some of the best wedding favors that you can give are those that your guests can savor and that you can tickle their sweet tooth with.  Edible favors not only can be presented […]

Wedding Favors for Wine Lovers →  November 29, 2010 0

Whether your guests or you and you groom are wine lovers, there are a ton of fantastic little wine favors that you can put at each place setting on your special day.  They can range from anywhere from $1-$20 and are always a welcomed addition into every household. Wine Stoppers There is a wide range […]

DIY All Brides Can (and Should) Do →  November 28, 2010 0

Whether you are one of the more adventurous “do it yourself” brides  out there or one who would rather leave everything to the pro’s, it’s still a good idea to try and do a few things yourself.  Not only will taking on a few do it yourself projects help you save a ton of cash, […]

Alternative Wedding Favor Ideas →  November 26, 2010 0

Wedding favors are almost always the same: some sort of sweet treat wrapped up or boxed in a fancy package that is placed at your table. Though it is a nice little surprise, most of us expect to see the standard chocolate or mint sitting inside that pretty package. If you are a bride who […]

Wedding Favors to Suit your Wedding →  April 2, 2010 0

Many soon to be brides make the mistake of choosing their wedding favors based on their specific look or what they like specifically. The truth is that you should think of your wedding favors as being a special thank you gift to all the people that show up and support you on the most important […]