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Your First Dance and Performance Anxiety →  December 5, 2010 1

No matter how poised and beautiful every bride and groom have seemingly appeared at each wedding you have gone to, most of those brides and grooms are sweating just a little under those lights during their first dance.  Unless you are a professional performer, the first dance does put a whole lot of pressure upon […]

How to Pull Off your First Dance Without a Hitch →  November 27, 2010 0

The first dance that a newly married bride and groom share really sets the tone on their relationship.  It’s a great way to really celebrate your special day and to allow your friends and family a glimpse into what you and your new spouse’s relationship is all about. We’ve all been to weddings that have […]

Do I Need a Dance Instructor for my First Dance? →  November 26, 2010 0

Not all of us are gifted dancers. Even if we think we may be, oftentimes when we dance with someone else (including our future spouse) we may not be looking as polished and put together as we hope. Brides have nightmares about slipping during their first dance, having their dress rip, having their groom completely […]