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The Biggest Wedding Color Mistakes →  December 8, 2010 0

You have dreamt about it, known about it, and planned it out right up to this very day.  You think you know what colors you want for your wedding, but once you begin putting the plans into motion, you are beginning to have your doubts.  For a lot of us brides and grooms, choosing appropriate […]

What Your Wedding Colors Mean →  November 29, 2010 0

Have you already picked out your wedding colors and you’re wondering what your colors say about you?  Or maybe you’re still in those first stages when you are trying to figure out what wedding colors you want to have so that you set the right tone for your wedding.  Here are some of the most […]

Trendy Colors for Today’s Weddings →  November 28, 2010 0

Planning a wedding but you’re not all too sure which colors to choose? No problem!  There are definitely a whole lot of trendy and popular choices out there, all which will make your wedding be sophisticated, fun, and classy.  Here are some of the hottest new trendy colors for weddings for this year. Chocolate Browns […]

How do I Choose my Wedding Colors? →  November 27, 2010 1

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Now that the sparkling ring has been placed on your finger, it’s time to plan-plan-plan!  The only problem is just where do you start? There are an overwhelming amount of different plans that have to be made for your wedding, but one of the things that you must figure out […]